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How to tell a Genuine Psychic Site from one that is not quite genuine!

Psychioc readings As you might imagine, there are many sites on the web at the moment who are simply money making opportunities for their owners!

Many of the people running them are not, and never have been 'psychics' This is very obvious if you look at some of the so called 'psychics' on sites like eBay and similar...although a few are the genuine article, (and will have working sites of their own also) many are not! and are simply jumping on the band-wagon to make 'quick and easy money'. Remember you tend to get what you pay for! As the web is to some extent 'anonymous' it is seemingly very easy to represent yourself as something that you are not on one of these huge sites!

Best way to find some of the best psychic sites on the web today  is to type in 'psychic readings' or 'psychic email readings' into Google or Yahoo and browse the sites that this brings up for you.

Before you trust a site with your hard earned cash!...here are seven useful tips to help you make up your mind about the authenticity of the site that you are considering using.

1.    Browse the site, and get a general 'feel' of it...is the information that you are being given ringing true with you? or does it seem like an advert that anyone could have written or stuff rehashed from other sites? Or is the information genuine and interesting content with a 'personal' touch?

2.    Are the working psychics on the site simply referred to as 'we' or 'our psychics' A genuine site would be happy to give you the names of their working psychics and a little 'bio' of who they are and what they specialize in. In some cases even a photo, although some may not wish to do this which is understandable on the web. Do they give some general background information about their business and their experience as psychics or spell-casters...usually this is contained in a 'about us' page or similar.

3.    Are you given clear information about the length (word count) of any email readings that the site is offering?...about the time that it will it take to get to you?...about how the reading is constructed?..(good sites often have a 'sample reading' for you to see, to give you an idea of what you will get for your fee) Do they give genuine helpline numbers if they offer Premium psychic lines or 'Text a Psychic'? if not think again!

4.    Is there clear contact information? most reputable sites will give an idea of their location (detailed if you request it!) a working email address and  a phone contact number for if anything goes wrong. If you cant find these things then be wary!

5.    Do they offer a feedback service? (if you are unsure about anything in your reading, your reader will reply to your email/s within a reasonable time, usually no more that a week) until the matter has been clarified.

6.    Do they offer 'money back' or a refund (partial or whole)  if a dispute can not be resolved? If they use a reputable payment system this will be a requirement.

7.     ....And this is the very best way to be sure about the site that you are proposing to trust with your precious reading!...

Send them an email before you order... asking something, for example....advice about the reading/service that you are considering purchasing...clarity on some point....reassurance that they will do as they say....

If you dont get a reply within a reasonable period of time (no more that one week) then you should dismiss them as 'suspect. All reputable websites will get back to you with an answer to your query!

 Use these few guidelines to help you make up your mind about the authenticity of a website and you are more likely to have a good experience that a bad of indifferent


Magic & Psychic SitesLove Spells


...offering Spell-work.

There seem to be a growing number of sites offering spells and spell-work at the moment, and to judge by what we have been reading in forums and the like, not all of them are honest or reputable!

This is an area that leaves itself very open to misuse, and it would seem that there are very few genuine witches working on the web who are ethical (and are sometimes not even witches!)

We are going to be very particular here with this area, and because of this we have created a page especially for sites that offer these services.

One thing we would like to say generally as a warning!

If you are asked by one of these sites to send a large sum or sums of money for spell-work by postal order or some other means that can not be regulated by a bank (such as PayPal or World pay), then you would be better leaving that site alone!

We have noticed with many of these sites, that there is perhaps no payment system at all, so the work has to be paid by cheque, which is fine, but sometimes this is required by postal order, money order or cash, and if this is the case then please do not get involved!

We notice that many of the US sites ask that Western Union be used, and it would seem to us that this offers little security where this sort of transaction is involved.

We would suggest that the best sites to use are sites that have their very own reputable payment system.


Below we would like to give you our ' golden tips' on ordering from sites that offer spells…

1.             Always establish at the beginning what the payment system is and if it is safe and traceable.(not Western Union)


2.            Always establish at the beginning what you are expected to pay for the work involved, and that there is a beginning and an end to the work, so that you cannot simply be expected to keep on paying more and more money as more and more work is needed! Some sites almost blackmail their clients into paying large sums of money with the threat that if they dont...things will get worse! A real witch would never resort to this because of the 'rule of return'


3.             Look at the feedback for the person who is doing the work, and try to judge whether it is genuine feedback or simply made up for the page (surprisingly this is quite easy to tell!) Consider visiting spell associated forums to see if they are talked about and what is said about them.


4.            Try to establish what this person's background is in magic, and if it is white magic, black magic or voodoo that they are offering.


5.             Shop around!  Avoid the sites that are big and bold and flashy!  You will do better with the quieter and more professional looking sites that give you plenty of information about the background of the person doing the work, and about spells & magic in general.


6.             Ask questions before you commit yourself!  Ask if the person will do a free divination for you before you begin to see what percentage of success is likely?  If they will not do this then you should not be trusting them with your problems or your money!


7.            Do not believe anyone who tells you that a spell is 100% guaranteed This is simply not possible. No spell can be guaranteed, If the spell is cast, the spell-caster may be able to give you a percentage oflikely success, it is simply a case that success may be likely.  Anything that is guaranteed hundred percent cannot possibly be white magic, but it may well be black magic...if this is so then you need to be aware of the possible considerable risks involved... so be careful!


8.            Take your time!  Digest the information you have been given, and do not be rushed into anything!  If someone tells you that there is a time factor involved here, and you need to work immediately...... then be suspicious! Also ascertain that a 'protection' for you is worked into the spell.


9.            If you are really unsure then e-mail us on this site, and we will check out the site for you as well as we are able.

10.        Consider using one of the services reviewed on this site!  Although we cannot guarantee them, if they were unethical and simply taking your money without doing the work. then they would not be on this site!