How can we find direction.

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How can we find Direction? Everything seems to have changed over the last few years, and particularly since the beginning of the year 2009, and we are left floundering about in a world where governments are shown to be less than honest, businesses no matter how successful they have appeared to be in the past can fail at the drop of a hat!  And many of us are left wondering if this is the beginning of something worse, or will things get better if we simply sit it out and hope for the best! 

Where to look help?

This is difficult, because most of the places where we would have sought help and guidance in the past, have now proved to be either unreliable or no longer available.

We seem to be undermined at every turn…

Where once we could trust banks and building societies, without even giving a thought to whether or not we could trust them, now we are suspicious of all these places, and rightly so!  We learn that much of our hard earned cash has simply gone to line the pockets of less than scrupulous leaders of these organisations, who now, no matter what happens to the rest of this will have enough money in their pockets to not only survive, but to live a comfortable life insulated from the sort of problems us lesser mortal is likely to experience over the coming years.

So how can we find guidance?

When all else fails us there is only one course of action left…

We must look within!

We have, to some extent lost contact with our basic and natural intuition and wisdom, we have been encouraged over the past 20 years to leave things to the relevant bodies who are there to deal with them.  And we have for a long time followed that advice gladly!

We expected banks to look after our money and keep it safe.

We expected hospitals to make us well, and not possibly give us worse illnesses than we went into them with!

We expected our Parliament and politicians, no matter how glib they seemed to have our interests at heart (why else would they be in the position they were in?) 

We expected to buy food in the knowledge that it would sustain us, keep us healthy and not ultimately kill us if we ate too much of it!

We expected our beautiful planet with all its multitude of wildlife to go on forever, and not have it destroyed bit by bit by commercialism.

We expected everything to go on much as it was so that we could continue with our lives and allow the ‘ professionals’ to look after things that they were supposed to be looking after for us….


Now we come to a time when we have to face up to the fact that taking responsibility for our own lives in a far more proactive way, is the only way forward.

Because so many areas of our lives have now changed and are no longer dependable, I believe that we have to do what we did in ages past, before we had all these people advising us and taking care of everything for us…. we have to look within to our own personal wisdom and see what ‘feels right’

Also we have to we enquire more, take the trouble to read about certain aspects of life and what alternatives we may have, and to come to the realisation that many of the bodies that we thought were there to help and protect us, are now of their to line their own pockets with enough money to grant them an immunity from the sort of problems the majority of us face.

Perhaps our having to make these changes is a good thing?

Perhaps we have come to a time where it has all been too easy and was bound to go pear shaped sooner or later...

If you study the last days of the Roman Empire and its downfall, you will become aware as I have, that there are many similarities between then and now… and although I'm not suggesting that it's all going to turn to worms (although I must admit just recently it does appear that way) perhaps the way things are right now will open the way to a better and far more genuine way of living for us as civilised beings.

Nevertheless it is very difficult to see anything really positive about the people who have worked hard and honestly and invested all their time and energy in their homes for themselves and their families, and now have them taken away from them…

Older people who thought they had worked all their life to put away enough money to keep them in their old age, who find they have little or nothing to live on and have to resort to state help…

Animals who have been taken on as pets being turned out to charities and animal homes… or worse still, left to die on the street!

It is difficult to see anything positive in this at the moment… but we must try to do so!  We must look to the future and realise that things could not have gone on anyway as they have.  It had to end some time.


We cannot continue to expect to buy food so cheap that much of it is thrown away before it is eaten, or to live on what I can only term ‘non-food’ that is full of rubbish that makes us fat, obese and ill!

We must go back to the principle of respecting the food that we buy or produce and wasting as little as possible, and that which is waste to be recycled so that our mother Earth can use it again to produce more food and beauty for us.

We must go back to respecting our bodies and our self and not striving to make them into something that they were never designed to be!

To eat that which is wholesome and fresh and comes from the earth or the sea and is not invented in a laboratory!


To honour and respect those who live with us and around us, and not be always striving for something new and more expensive…. in other words we need to stop!  And look at what we have and appreciate it more… particularly as it may not always be available for us to appreciate!


My own personal belief is that we will get through this, but there will be many many changes in the coming years that will set a new way of living with new parameters for all of us… this has to be so, we cannot sustain life as we have been misusing it over the past 20 years or so.

We need to start now!  We need to look within and our ancient wisdom will guide us as will our guides and angels.

Time to a new beginning!

Time for honesty, respect, love and appreciation to rule the day!

To the future……

With Bright blessings as ever!



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