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  High Priestess

Associated with the Moon, when The High Priestess appears she represents heightened perception and a connection with the Arcane.

As a daily card she is telling you that today your intuition will be finely tuned, and that you will be aware of many things not always felt. Others will be unable to deceive will see through it all!

Pay attention to your daydreams and dreams they will contain messages that are important for you.

The High Priestess is the Daughter of the Moon and represent the female and intuitive side, be guided by your intuitive feelings today.

Be sure that you do not repress feelings, Not a day for pandering to those who are less than honest about themselves, avoid them at all cost and remain psychically open and aware.

When this card appears there is much going on under the surface, Today may be the day to explore the deepest depths and see what emerges!


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