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Healing hands

Though through all his life a fool associates with a wise man, he may no more comprehend the Truth than a spoon tastes the flavour of the soup.



Healing Hands from The Healing Network.We are all healers!

 We all have the gift of healing deep within us, and the potential to use that gift for the benefit of those around us. 

Healing comes naturally to a mother when her child falls and hurt itself, she puts out her hands automatically, and also automatically she opens the palm Chakra’s (although she may not be aware of this as such) to allow healing to flow from her to her child.

Our instinct is always to touch the person who we feel inspired to help, and often we will put a hand out flat facing the person, without realizing why, to allow healing to flow from the palm Chakra, sometimes we will feel a tingling in the Chakra even at the very thought of wishing to heal someone!

So we do not need to always ‘ train’ to heal, although if we are considering Reiki or similar we will have to be attuned atpain and healing

 some point to the Reiki energy.  But I feel that before considering formal training we should become aware of our own actual healing potential.

Never be fearful about trying out your abilities as a healer!  There is little or no damage that you can do, (other than to your own self-esteem if you do not feel that you have made a difference the first time you try it) but by being aware of how it feels, and how to allow the natural healing energies that we all are connected to, to flow freely, you will take yourself a step nearer to empowerment.

Then we attempt to ‘heal’ another, we open the Crown Chakra and allow the healing energies which we are all connected to, to flow into our own bodies and out of the palm Chakra’s.  This healing energy not only flows towards the person being healed, but also affects us in a very positive way by association.  So it is good to get used to using these energies and to experiment quietly yourself.

 Anything can be healed or improved! I even give our car Reiki when it is feeling unenthusiastic!


Try it on your pets, or if you don't have pets try it on someone else's!  Even if there is nothing actually wrong with them, sending healing energy to them will improve their life and make them ‘feel good’

Just put out your hands to them, clear your mind of all the busy thoughts, relax, and be aware of the energy flowing from the Crown Chakra down into your body.. And outs of the palm Chakra’s, you may be aware of a tingling at this time, and you may be more aware of colours surrounding you.

 Cat’s love healing!

 Practice on your cat…. or someone else's, see what sort of reaction you get.

Healing comes from the inspiration to heal when we feel deeply compassionate about another soul, whether it is human or animal or anything in our world of nature.

Once you feel that the tug your heart and you deeply wish for the person/thing/animal to be better, you have already started the process of healing.

Once you have experimented with this, and ‘felt’ the difference that it makes you, let alone the person being healed, you can then go on to consider using other forms of healing in a more structured way, and perhaps obtain training for such.

Never forget however, we are all natural healers, something that we knew in days gone by, but which we have in these more materialistic times forgotten!


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