Traditional meaning:-  Uncontrolled forces, especially the weather, or within the unconscious. wrath of nature, destructive,




 Meaning for today:-


Hagalaz:-  A tempering, testing time,   Today you may experience a trial some sort, that will be difficult but not impossible!



you may feel as if this is some sort of controlled crisis that you are called upon to take charge of, leading eventually to completion, and if handled competently to inner harmony.



you may feel today that you are the only one who can take charge!  And indeed this may be so.  It would seem that difficulties are centred around you, and you may be called upon to make a decision that may not be popular with all those around you who are also seeking resolution.



Today there is no going back so make your decision... stick to your guns... and whether for good or bad there will be much to be gained from this difficult and destructive day, even if it is in retrospect.



Be aware that there is not much you can do to make this day easier, and it may be necessary that you simply jump trustingly into the void empty-handed and hope for the best!



The colour associated with this Rune is Grey!



The number associated with this Rune is 8.