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The words we utter should be chosen with care, for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

The Buddha

Grounding from The Healing Network.People, who have been having difficulties themselves after a healing session, where they have successfully helped another, have recently contacted me. In fact it seems a common occurrence that having cleared the other person of their symptoms, the healer begins to experience the symptoms to some degree of the person they have healed!

 Most of these people have one thing in common…they are all ‘natural’ healers, and have not had any formal training as a healer!

Whilst I would be the first to say that anyone with the inspiration to heal should do so intuitively, there are a few things that it is well to investigate before beginning.

 Any formal training for Hands-on Healing of any kind will prepare the healer to both balance themselves beforehealing and grounding healing…. and ground and cleanse themselves afterwards. This is essential for the health and well being of the healer!!!

 Before even attempting to heal another, it is well to balance and calm yourself by taking a few moments to relax, and clear your mind. Also to connect with your Guides and Angels. Say a short prayer if this is your way before beginning, or simply align your energies to the Universe or the ‘All that is’

 Never attempt to facilitate healing another unless you are feeling well yourself, and it always helps to give yourself a short healing session first, by placing the right hand on the heart centre and focusing Love & Healing on that area.

 Whilst healing another person, be aware that the healing energy is NOT coming from you directly, but is, so to speak, passing through you via the Crown Chakra, and then into the person you are helping through your hands, be also aware that as this is happening…you too are receiving healing!

 At the end of a session, go hold your hands under cool running water, and as you do so, imagine any negative or inappropriate energies running away with the water, to reconnect with The Earth and be transmuted in to clear and useable energy once more (nothing is ever lost!)

 At the very end of a session, again sit quietly and have a short healing session for yourself, and feel yourself firmly grounded and relaxed. Then relax for a while and focus gently on how this session has left you feeling. Only by fully preparing ourselves both before and after healing, are we able to function fully and effectively as a healer. And please remember…..

as a healer you must first Heal Yourself !!!!


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