Granny Andersons little book.


‘Granny Anderson’s’ Little Book of 'Simples' and Helpful hints for Ladies.

 Just for fun & to be taken with a large pinch of salt!

This little booklet has been produced (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) to fortify and amuse you. Please believe that all the information, tips and spells enclosed have their roots in reality (no matter how hard that is to believe!)

Please feel free to use it (and them) as you will!…… We however at Silvermoon take no responsibility for the results….nor do we in any way endorse them!

Home-Made Cures         


"Keep your face to the Sun, and the shadows will always be behind you"

Elder Rob   Cough Mixture

Take a quantity of well ripe elderberries, put them in a large jar or crock and cover them with white or wine vinegar. Add a stick of cinnamon, stand in a low oven for 48 hours mashing down twice during this time, strain thro' fine muslin and bottle as usual. Take care to seal bottle neck with good white wax. Take as and when needed by the teaspoonful, or as a hot drink diluted with hot water.


Beauty Hints   

MOUTH, To Improve.

An ugly, flabby mouth can be tremendously improved in shape by whistling as often as possible when no one is around.

Black Treacle Candy. for colds

2lb Sugar. 1/2lb Treacle. 1/2lb Fresh mild Butter. 1 Teacup cold water.

Put sugar treacle and water in a pan and heat and stir 'till dissolved, add the butter. Boil without stirring 'till it snaps when a little is dropped into cold water. Turn into a buttered tin. this makes a fine cough candy broken into small pieces.


Beauty Hints Continued


Fresh Air is the skins best tonic, When the weather is mild, it is an excellent plan to lie naked near an open window, or better still outdoors, providing of course there is no one overlooking your garden. Expose as much of the body as you can safely anyway. Please note:- this practice if not undertaken with care can result in unwanted attention, or at the worst a period of incarceration.

An Air Bath is often more restoring than a water bath.

A water Bath is best taken in Rain water if at all possible, Add a Bran Bag to the water to soften the skin and then use it as a sponge to rub the skin. A good idea is to go out into you garden (or a private similar place) naked and roll about for at least ten minutes in the wet grass. (see note above)


Coltsfoot Tea for congestion of the chest

Place one heaped teaspoonful of good dried coltsfoot flowers (half this if fresh) in a mug, add boiling water. Allow to steep for 15mins, strain and add honey to taste, sip slowly.


To Stop a Cut Bleeding

Cover the cut well with old cobweb, making sure firstly that the web is not in present use. Whilst covering repeat three times; Skin heal, Skin heal, Spiders strength support and seal"

FINGER NAILS. To keep Clean.

Before you undertake a dirty job, dampen the tips of the fingers and scratch at a piece of soap until the fingernails are clogged with it. When you have finished the job a wash in hot soapy water will remove the dirt and soap together. Alternatively dispense with the work yourself and pay someone else to do it.....or marry a weak man who will work for you.

To Ease a Graze or Burn

Take a handful of fresh St John's Wort (the wild plant only) Soak it for 24hrs in either a good olive or Almond oil, bath the affected part at least twice a day.

For a Sluggish Digestion

Make a tea (see Coltsfoot) of equal parts Lemon Balm and Meadowsweet flowers add a pinch of Lavender flowers, Take a small wineglass full twice a day 'till you feel restored.

Knuckles, to Reduce.

Large knuckles can be an eyesore; they can be made to look half decent if a Tincture of Iodine is rubbed in at night before bed, and during the day they are massaged with warm Olive oil. With this condition it is always best to keep your hands out of sight until betrothed at the very least

A Spell to take away Anger

Find a small black stone, take it with you to either the Sea or a river, take three deep breaths, place the stone on your forehead and say; "With this stone, Anger be gone. Water bind it let none find it !"

Throw the stone as far away from you as you can, into the water, then turn and leave it.


To Whiten the Neck

At first morning light, rub on the neck a paste made of equal parts of milk, oatmeal and water; rub well in until a white powder is formed. At night, dab the area with a little lemon juice and rose-water. always keep the neck covered in daylight when out and about. (this also being a good preventive measure when in country known to be plagued with vampyres.)

Salve for Cuts and abrasions                                      

Take equal parts of Marmite or a similar yeast extract and honey, mix together well and apply to the offending part, this mixture will at once draw out any infection and will provide antiseptic healing. Stay well away from stray dogs whilst wearing this mixture as they will attempt to lick your hands, thus undoing all the good work the salve has done.

Heavy duty Healing Hand Cream

4 parts sweet almond oil.    (a useful measure is a tablespoon)

4 parts coconut oil.  3 parts clean white wax.  6parts glycerine.  6 drops of Lavender oil.

Put all the oils in a pot over a pan of hot water and heat slowly, add grated wax and stir' till the wax is dissolved, add the glycerine drop by drop whilst stirring. Take the pot off the heat and continue to stir 'till thick and creamy, finally add the Lavender oil and mix well in before potting.


This is most often caused by constipation, make sure that you eat enough rough fibre foods, and lots of fruit and vegetables. Mountain climbing often help this condition....a holiday in the Himalayas being very beneficial. Failing this a pretty veil can be very becoming.



Cut up young raw carrots and make them into a brown bread sandwich. Eat this every day for a week and the colour should soon return. Failing this one can use beetroot juice as a face paint. (beware of doing so too often or you may develop a strange earthy smell.)



On the night of the Full Moon, find a rose that is full of dew, hold up the rose to the Moon and say thrice; 

Lady of Light, be with me tonight, Let me wear this roses Bloom, by the power of the Moon. 

Then bath your face in the dew of the rose.

Sun Meditation.                       

Sit comfortably and relaxed, outside if the weather is suitable. Close your eyes, imagine a huge sunflower with its head drooped, slowly bring its head up so that it is at eye level and see the beautiful golden flower grow and glow, see rays of golden sunlight radiating from its centre, enveloping you, feel its warm healing rays of light surrounding you and bath in its healing warmth. Stay like this 'till you are ready to leave, then allow the flower head to slowly droop and rest once again. Slowly open your eyes feeling safe well and refreshed.

Beauty Hints Continued ……..


Bathe the face in tepid water only, using as little soap as is possible. At night, give the skin a bath in warm Olive Oil, after wiping the oil off, massage the skin by gently pinching the flesh from the cheek-bones towards the ears. this will help to prevent sagging and unsightly folds. If possible sleep with a muslin cloth soaked in rose water over the face. Develop a way of speaking that does not move your face about too not smoke! this causes the skin to be tanned like old wrinkly leather.


To remove stains, rub the fingers with Pumice stone dipped in Lemon juice. A better solution would be to stop smoking, which is an unsightly habit, especially in woman!


Drink two or three cups of Sage Tea every day to improve the appetite, stay in bed every third day and eat as much cake & chocolate as is possible during that time. Try to move slowly and with deliberation.

To make Sage Tea;

Put two tablespoons of dried Sage leaves in a teapot or similar, pour on one pint of boiling water and allow to stand for five mins. before drinking. Add Honey if required

FRECKLES, To cure.

Mix some Lemon Juice with a good cold cream and rub it over the offending freckles every night before bed. Always try to be seen in weak light so that they do not show up.




Pale Blonds may wear Cream White Pale Greys and Silver Pale Green. They should not wear Orange Yellow or Red or they will look ill.

Golden Blonde may wear Black White Pink Golden Brown. They should not wear Reds or Bright Blue or they will look cheap.

Auburn Headed may wear Black White Green or Brown. They should not wear Reds or Blues (as above).

Brunettes may wear Black White most Browns Dark Greens an Browns Rich Blues and Deep Red, in fact almost any colour will enhance them.

Very Dark Brunettes and those with Black Hair can wear most colours both dark and light and are very lucky, but usually know that is so and so it spoils their character.

White Hair looks at its most attractive with either Plain Black  Pale Silver Grey or Delicate Lilac Shades, but by dressing carefully it is often possible to make a success of adversity.

There are of course always exceptions to the rule, and the general colouring of eyes and skin can make a tremendous difference to how you look. When in doubt wear black and a veil.


Time and Money Saving Tips       



Hang the garment over a bath of hot water for an hour or two.


May be used for;

(a) Polishing a grate, to prevent rust.

(b)Gargling the throat, mix with an equal amount of water.

(c) To make a cake lighter, replace a little of the milk with Vinegar after the eggs

(d) To Clean a burnt saucepan Use with a scrubber.

(e) To wash coloured materials, and to prevent the colours mixing or running add a teaspoon to the water.


Boil an onion in water, and use the liquid whilst hot to rub down the paint. No soap is required. Rinse with clear water and polish with a soft cloth. Room may smell odd for a while. if remarked upon simply pretend that you can smell nothing and look superior and offended.

 Thank you for Reading

                             my Little Book

                     I hope you found something in it to

                             amuse or inspire you, I shall endeavour to think of more words of wisdom for you in the future !


                             Granny Anderson age 98 and three quarters.