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Psychic Readings and Psychic Therapy with Crystal GreenBecause people who visit our site write to us frequently asking various things about the psychic world, and how psychic readings are actually done, I felt it was a good idea to have this page, and give you little snippets of information about all the various things that we have been asked about in the past.

Some of these answers will by necessity be quite long, and others will be short. Not all of this is just about our websites and how we work, but also to deal with questions generally that I am asked in the course of the year and that I thought may be of interest to you dear visitor to our site! This page will be added to over the coming months.



Hello Crystal! Recently I booked an e-mail reading through another online company, the price stated was just under £30, but when I got to the payment page I was charged almost £35 because VAT had been added.  I did not notice until later what had happened but I felt very annoyed!  I had budgeted for £30.  I went back to the page and I did read lower down in small writing that VAT would automatically be added, but I felt it was a little bit misleading and could have been much clearer... I was confused anyway as this company was offering a reduction on the price, but as I couldn't see the original price I did not understand that either!  And a free gift which I didn't need.... all I wanted was a good e-mail reading (which I eventually did get) but I ended up being annoyed and confused! what is your position on this Crystal?

I am sorry that this experience spoilt your reading somewhat M. let me quickly make our position here at Silvermoon very clear.

The price that you see on our pages is the price that you pay!  Nothing extra is added at the checkout for psychic readings of any sort! any considerations that we would need to charge more for...for example VAT, or postage (if we are sending you out a printed copy of your reading), would be taken care of in the original price. our position is that we charge you the lowest price we can possibly afford, taking into account all other as we say on the index page of this site, ' what you see is what you get!' if we say we are charging £30 for a reading... then you pay £30 at the checkout no more, no less!  You wouldn't expect to go into for example Comet to buy a washing machine and then be charged extra for the VAT!

If we are making a special offer for you, then we do so like the ten pound one question readings that we are offering at the moment, again we make the price and our position very clear, this is a special offer and this is what you get! we do not offer free gifts with readings, preferring to offer you the reading at the lowest possible price instead. I know that the position is very difficult where VAT is concerned, but we think it is nicer to actually give the price (VAT included) then there is never any room for confusion.


I have found lots of psychic sites on the Internet, are all of them really psychic?  Or are some of them just businesses?

This is a difficult question to answer yes or no to, I have to tell you that many of the psychic sites that you will click on to in your quest for information, or for a good psychic reading, are simply businesses.  These days it is so easy to be anything you would like to be on the Internet and there is very little way of policing who is taking advantage of the system.

The best way for you to find out is simply to ‘enquire within’! Have a good browse of the site and see how it sounds to you?  Do they give you lots of what sounds like genuine and unique information?  Is this information that you can get anywhere or does it read as if someone has specifically written it for you to read, in other words do you get the impression it is just copied from a site like ‘Wikipedia’, or does it sound like the person who owns the site actually speaking to you?

Do you get a definite feeling of one personality owning/running the site? That is another clue.... is it a general site or is there one person heading it?  For example if you go on to the psychic Alexia’s site, you will soon realise that 'Alexia' is a very real person and the site is very personal to her!  And the same goes for 'Angels' psychic site, both of these people who are known to me are real people, and the information you'll get on their site is unique and genuine! In other words their personality shines through their site and lets you know that they are genuine.

If the site is more anonymous, and just seems like a collection of bits and pieces of information, small but rather standard articles on various things.. but lacking personality...Star signs and so on, but again without one central personality...but with lots of pictures and bios of their phone readers, then it is probably just a business that is promoting premium line phone readings.  If you were to e-mail their site asking for information, it is possible that you either would not get a reply, or it would be a standard format reply that they sent out to everyone.

As far as legalities are concerned, our sites have been checked and passed by Trading Standards and Phone Pay Plus (premium phone regulator)

Here at Silvermoon, most of the replies to queries are sent out by myself (Crystal), Theo, or Jenny all of whom are working psychics! And all sensible e-mails are replied to!


Recently in a reading I asked the psychic if I would have children in the future. I thought that it was a reasonable question, but she said that she was 'not allowed' to answer it. I dont understand why?

Some of the most frequent questions that I am asked as a psychic are:-  Am I pregnant? - Will I be able to get pregnant?-  How many children will I have?

Difficult questions to answer on the face of it, but not impossible! You may have read on other sites or in other places that psychics don't like this question and feel it is something that they are ‘not allowed to do!’ but my personal belief is this is because it is such a difficult subject that if they are at all uncertain of their own psychic abilities they will not attempt it! So can these questions be answered?  Of course they can!  And I see no reason either psychologically or ethically why this subject should not be treated as sensitively and as caringly as any other question that we may be asked.  Let me take these questions one by one...

Am I pregnant? 

At the time when I was doing personal 1-2-1 readings with my clients, before I retired from this part of my work, I have often advised the client that they were pregnant before they had even realised it, at the time they were perhaps only one or two weeks pregnant or less and hadn't even considered that they were carrying a child! Being made aware of the situation at this point was of benefit to them I feel... but I always approached the subject very carefully and tactfully as I believe all emotive subjects should be approached. Predicting a pregnancy in an e-mail reading is far more difficult and not always successful, but sometimes a psychic will have an overwhelming feeling that this is so and will share that with her client. I doubt if any experienced and successful psychic would simply say no - I could not do this as it is unfair!

Will I be able to get pregnant?

A fairly easy question to answer in a personal one-to-one reading, and again in an e-mail reading a psychic consultant should be able to give some indication to her client whether this is likely to be so or not... and probably even the timescale too.... although because of legal considerations she is likely to leave this somewhat ‘open-ended’ for her own protection... We now all have to be aware of the new laws brought in during this year (2008) concerning psychics, mediums and clairvoyants.

How many children will I have?

Again a fairly easy question to answer in a one-to-one reading, and not too difficult in an e-mail reading either because a good psychic will having asked this question of Spirit, and gained an indication of how many if any spirits are waiting to be born to this person... and often the client's own spirit guide will bring forth useful information at this point. So if this subject is treated with empathy and with great consideration for the feelings that the client may have surrounding the whole subject of children, this question can be dealt with without too much difficulty. My guide to my clients would be:- ask all your questions, and I will answer as fully, as sympathetically and as comprehensively as is humanly possible!


I would love to try an e-mail reading, but I cannot understand how a psychic can do a reading for someone when all they have is the name and sometimes their date of birth?  How is this possible and are these readings ever accurate?

E-mail readings can be extremely accurate!  Some of our best feedback at Silvermoon come from clients who have had e-mail readings with one of our top readers!

Think of it this way!

When you sit in front of a good and reputable psychic, she does not ‘cold read’ you by taking clues from your clothes, whether you're wearing a wedding ring or other things about you personally. It is a fallacy to say that this is true, although I am sure it is with people who are not really psychic but who are pretending that they are!

Let me explain this to you from my own experience.

Whilst I am waiting for a client to come into my psychic readings room, I go through my little ritual of clearing my mind, grounding and relaxing, and drifting into that altered state of consciousness that most psychics do psychic readings in.

When the client comes into my room, I am focusing on her face and nothing else!  But my vision is slightly defused (blurred) so that I am also taking in her auric field, and looking into her in a way that will help me to give her a good and useful psychic reading.  I haven't a clue what she's wearing or whether she has a wedding ring on, I am very unlikely to even glance at her hands, unless at the end of the reading and I feel that it would be useful to look at her palms to confirm something.  Although I do not claim to be palmist specifically, but it is an area that I am competent in, and sometimes it is good to back up your reading with something physical.

I have been known to sit with my eyes closed during some readings because I find it is easier to focus on the matter in hand.

Inevitably in a face-to-face reading, there are distractions, and sometimes too the client will try to be helpful by immediately starting to give you information about why they are here!  This is really not helpful at all, and much better if they just sit relaxed and quiet for a few seconds while I tune into them.  So perhaps you can see where I am going with this now?

With a remote psychic reading (which is either an e-mail or a phone reading) the client will sit with the person's name and possibly their questions if they have sent any in, and will psychically and usually in a mild trance state or ‘alter the state of consciousness’ which ever you like to call it, reach out to that person and connect with them no matter where they are!

This is exactly the same way that Absent Healing is sent, and also the same way that a witch or spell caster will work remotely for her client... there are no distractions!  It is possible to work on a very deep level in this way.

This sort of reading will often provide just as much information as a one-to-one physical reading with a good psychic.


I had a reading from a spirit medium recently, this spirit medium is very well known and I was looking forward to my reading, but when it came it didn't really make any sense to me, and she spoke of people that I did not know in spirit?

People don't always realise how difficult it is to be spirit medium!  There is no guarantee that the information that you are looking for is the information that you will actually get!

When a medium does reading for you, she is opening herself to the 'other side' and to her guides, to see what information can be obtained.  Sometimes there are other spirits out there that are desperate to connect with someone, and they will ‘fudge the issue’ by coming through as if they are connected to the person who is enquiring.  This does not seem to happen too often thankfully, but if it happens to you, it will be very disappointing.

Think of it as lots of spirits wishing to ‘ use the phone’ to connect with their loved ones at some time, and honing in to the spirit medium who is open to spirit at that time, and who is standing with the phone in her hand so to speak! there is no guarantee that the person that the spirit medium is trying to connect will actually

1.  Be available to talk at that time or 

2.  Understand how to connect to the medium....

but if there is another spirit there hoping to be heard, and who metaphorically speaking ‘grabs the phone’ then this may well be the person that the medium picks up on.. People don't always realise that there is no guarantee that a spirit medium will be able to get a connection with the person that they would like them to, we go into this with an open mind and an open heart and hope that we will be successful at some time. (most of the time!)

If you have had an e-mail reading or a phone reading like this that is simply not made sense to you, then you should immediately get back to the person who is running the site or the admin for that site and explain what has happened.  They should either offer you another reading with another person, or they should without quibble give you your money back as we do at Silvermoon on the rare occasions that it happens.


I am a Christian and quite religious, I would love to have a reading but I am worried about whether it is acceptable because of my religious beliefs?

We have as well as Christian clients, many clients with other belief systems applying to us for readings at Silvermoon.  Our feeling is that using the gifts that we have undoubtedly been given by God and the universe to help people can not be harmful, if it is done in a sympathetic and genuine way.  If we have been given these gifts then surely we have been given them to use otherwise they would be useless?


I went to a psychic who is quite well known in my area.  She told me that my husband was going to die in an accident within three years.  This was four years ago... my husband is still alive and well!  I went through hell for three years waiting for this to happen because as she is a reputable psychic from what I can work out, I actually believed her.  I am so angry now that I have wasted three years believing what this person told me, I cannot understand why she would tell me something like this whether it was true or not?

I totally agree with you!  It was an irresponsible and cruel thing to do even supposing she did see this for your husband, and it did turn out to be true.  The only reason I can think of for any psychic giving you this sort of information, true or not, is as a sort of ‘power trip’ to show how dynamic they can be!

As responsible psychics we have to take account other factors that may be at work here.

There is such a thing as a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ and I have had personal experience of this working in a similar case to this, where the person did indeed die within the time specified, but only because he had got himself into such a terrible state thinking about this that he left himself open to the accident happening to him, in other words he was an accident waiting to happen! 

If he had never been to the psychic that he went to, he probably would still be alive today. These days I feel that this very rarely happens, most psychics are very well aware of the consequences of giving this sort of information to anyone!  It is totally irresponsible and to my mind downright wicked!  And to be honest with you, because of the new laws now concerning spirit mediums and psychics, if you had proof that this is what the psychic had said to you such as a tape or CD, you could actually go to trading standards and possibly even sue her..... strange as it may seem... it is exactly for this reason that the new laws concerning our profession have been thought out.


I think I may have natural psychic ability, in fact in a recent reading (the psychic who read for me is quite well known), alerted me to this fact, but it was not anything new to me as I have wondered about this for a long time.  I would like to pursue this some way what do I do next?

I would counsel that you take your time and go into this very slowly!  The danger here is of getting too much information (and some of it conflicting) too quickly!  It is tempting to go out and bye lots of books that you feel might help you, and then find out that not all of them give you information that complement each other, and not all of them may be good books anyway!

The best way to get started is to go slowly allowing your own abilities to lead you... of course if you can join some sort of development circle, having first made sure that it is reputable and has a good mixed circle of people attending it, and you can simply watch out for workshops and so on that it might be useful for you to attend.  The strange thing seems to be that when we are alerted to this sort of thing, then other things happened that invite us in!  So simply look for the signs... and help will be there for you.

What not to do is rush around busily trying to gather information from everywhere at once, this will not help and it will simply confuse you at what could quite a vulnerable time in your life.

Another good way is to buy a pack of tarot cards, and I would recommend a 'traditional' pack which are easy to understand... to some extent forget what the booklet that comes with them is telling you, and let the cards talk to you themselves... by choosing one card every day, really looking into it and seeing what that card is suggesting to you... by it's colour shaped form and symbolism.  Keep a little notebook and write this down, and every day take out a different card and do the same thing.  After a few weeks you will have a comprehensive record of what the cards that you studied have mean to you!  In other words you have rewritten the book yourself, for yourself, and this will be your own personal interpretation of the sacred tarot.  Which is of course how it should be!


I would like to book a spell from your site, Lily sounds a lovely person and very genuine, but I have ordered spells before from other sites and I do not think that they did the work for me at all. When I emailed them they didn't answer. How do I know that once I have paid, Lily will answer my question?

I can assure you that Lily answers all the emails sent to her once the work is undertaken. in fact she tends to keep in contact with her clients sometimes for months! If your work is undertaken you can expect to hear from her at least three times a week whilst the work is ongoing! But the best thing that I can do is to point you to Lily's own FAQ page so that you can read what she says herself on this. (see below)


I have read recently on a site called Bad Psychics that the phone lines on various websites are all run by the same company and are just rented out to other this true?

To some extent it is! but there are many companies out there who run psychic premium phone lines, The main reason that small companies like Silvermoon, (our own family business) do not run their own is because they are terribly expensive to set up and run...and I mean tens of thousands of pounds for a licence to do so! Then because it is a requirement that all readings are monitored and recorded for legal purposes (which is understandable) the equipment needed is also very costly....otherwise I believe that all businesses like ours would run their own.

However we are partners with what we believe to be one of the very best and most ethical companies on the web.  So in a way I (Crystal) am responsible for many of the consultants that they employ. I reject any who I feel would not be up to the task! So I believe we are offering the very best service possible on our sites.

On our site we sometimes offer pre-paid (credit/debit card) phone readings with myself (and sometimes with others of our team of readers) for our clients. Prices are very competitive with other sites, and the only drawback is that you may have to wait a day or so after booking for your reading. (time & date is arranged when you book or before hand) Most of our regular clients are happy to do so because they are getting a reading with a top consultant that they know well..

I would also say to you that I too have looked at the site you thing above others stands out...that the people who run it seem to think that ALL psychics are bad!!! so there would seem to be no balance here...what is the point of the site other than to rage against ALL psychics which they seem to do?

Here at Silvermoon we believe in offering you as many options as we can, and feel that both Premium Phone Lines and Credit Card lines do have a place in that service, so we use the best possible and ask you to let us know how successful you find the to be...Your feedback is very important to us!



 From time to time and as queries come in to us, I will be adding to this page for you.  New questions will be added at the top or middle of the page rather than the bottom, so that there is always something new to investigate!

With bright blessings!