Chi Gung at SilvermoonFreeStyle Qigong with Crystal Green.

Everyone seems to know what Tai Chi is, but fewer people seem to realise that there is a far easier system of exercises, based on similar movements that can have an amazing overall beneficial effect on our lifes!Free style Chi Gung at Silvermoon


Qigong has been used for generations

 Freestyle Chi Gung with Crystal Greenin China to facilitate the movement of healing energy (chi) around the body.


It is soft gentle relaxing and graceful, anyone can do, it even in a wheelchair! 

Qigong is a discipline that helps us learn to develop and use the energy within our own bodies, and in doing so allowing the energy to flow freely without any blocks To allow ourselves to remain calm and balanced in ordinary everyday life.


The emphasis is on movement and breath… breath is everything..yet very few of us actually breathe to our advantage. By doing these very simple exercises on a regular basis, we may improve our lung capacity and certainly improve the flow of energy through our bodies.

New Interactive Absent Healing on our new site.

I began to learn Tai Chi many years ago, I loved the movements and the discipline of moving in a certain way and trying to get it as exact as possible! I also loved the names of the various moves such as ‘needle at the bottom of the sea’, ‘repulse monkey’ and  'Parting the wild horses mane' But it is difficult, and even the 'short form' seems very long when you get lost in the middle of it and can't remember where to go next!

Tai Chi demands a great deal of dedication and this is not what everybody wants to buy into particularly with the sort of busy lives we now lead.


Freestyle Chi GungQigong  is very different in that the movements need not be done in any particular order, although it is always good to be in some sort of routine starting with simpler movements after warm-up and then progressing perhaps to something a little bit more ambitious.


For people who have problems of mobility, it is still possible to do many of the movements, and Qigong in some instances may actually help mobility and balance.  As my doctor said to me “the worst thing that can happen as you get older is losing your balance”, and if you don't use your muscles and use your breath this is what may happen.  as a recent 69 year old I have to take this seriously!


I am, over the next months creating a whole new website specifically for matters of healing, and I will be adding individual exercises and short video films every week that you can watch and try at home.

I am also opening a small group locally near to where I live because there really seems to be a need for this sort of discipline in the sort of lives that we lead today, and people have been very enthusiastic about supporting me in this idea.


Why 'freestyle' Qigong?Chi Gung balance

Because like any other discipline there can be very rigid ways of working… of moving and of breathing, but personally I believe that we should each work to our own capacity and above all enjoy it!

We have to also take into account that if something is too difficult we may not enjoy it and may quickly give it up, in all the work that I do, I try to insure that the people who come to me get more…. if they go away feeling uplifted and with a joyful heart then I believe I may have really helped them to help themselves.

After all, joy itself is also a great healer!


Please bookmark this page, because as I begin to work on the new website I will put the links to it on this page.  On it you will find much more information about all aspects of healing such as Reiki and Crystal Healing. Biofeedback. Eating for health, Juicing and more… But primarily on the things that we can do to help ourselves. Let me emphasise that I do not in any way suggest that we should not use our doctors Relax with Pansy Cat!and medical facilities, that would be irresponsible and wrong, but I do not believe that we should rely on them entirely and wholeheartedly and expect them to take over  our well-being and responsibility for our every-day health completely.

My belief is that we need to once again become responsible to some extent for our bodies, whether we are dealing with illness or attempting to adjust our weight to a more healthy level, or simply ‘being well’.


We each know our bodies best. We are our bodies!  Getting in touch with yours and knowing what it is trying to tell you has to help your body and your state of mind, no matter almost what state of health you are presently in.