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Flower Fortune telling with Maeve.

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Psychic readings with flowersDid you know that flowers have there own meaning the same as trees do?

It is possible to use them for a 'psychic Reading' in the same way as Runes or Tarot.

First of all you need to select the flowers that you have readily to hand, and then out of those decide which you might need, to do a reading.

Although there are thousands of wild flowers available to us in this country, (and indeed in any country!) It is best to stick to perhaps six or seven that are readily available and that you can get fresh at any time.

Alternatively, study which flowers wild or cultivated are available in your own area, and make cards of them by using photographs or pictures of those flowers, this is probably the most convenient way.

I myself have used this method on many occasions, and it is amazingly accurate!  So I would like to give you just a few to whet your appetite!  You can easily find the rest yourself and research their meanings…

I suggest if you decide to put some serious energy into this research, and then you obtain a book called Flower Wisdom by Katherine Kear (published by Thorsons)


Here are your initial flower meanings…


The chrysanthemum predicts long life in a person, and it shows someone who is cool and calculating in manner.  It can also be associated with duplicity, and may r predicted that the person you are enquiring about is not entirely honest, or at least needs careful monitoring in important situations.



this is said to be a flower connected with love and with weddings, also birth and rebirth and the sign off eternity and immortality.  It is also the colour of Venus the goddess of love. In love reading it will be a very positive sign.



The daffodil signals someone who is sensuous and to whom and perhaps Love is very important and physical love also.  The daffodil may indicate that the person being enquired about would not be true to one person, and to whom Fidelity was not an option.



The Daisy is known as the personification of spring or new beginnings, it also is a sign of truth and being true hearted.  Daisy brings good luck to those who wear it and will protect from danger. The Daisy and a reading would often predict somebody's innocence if this was in question, and it would also signify that lover was true.



The Poppy symbolises death and rebirth in a very positive fashion the red colour of the petals symbolises the life force and the fact that it will always be renewed from generation to generation.  In a reading the Poppy would symbolise just that, regeneration, and that if a person enquired about is having a difficult time right now, things are likely to change for the better in a very short space of time.



The Lily is a sign of purity, and it also protects against evil.  Usually linked with women it shows a woman who is perhaps somewhat solitary but very powerful.  It is also a sign of success in a venture, and someone who is likely to be very successful in the future.



The Marigold symbolises pain and grief in plant law, it is said that the red flecks that occasionally appear on the blooms are the symbols of blood.  In a reading this would be regarded as a somewhat negative symbol and although not symbolising actual grief and pain, may tell you that something that you were enquiring about may not be possible or certainly not successful.



The Rose signals fidelity in the way that no other flower can, it signifies to love and that the person is right for you!

The Rose is also the signal off the births marriages engagements and all things connected to love and true love.  Known as the Queen of the flowers it epitomises the feminine principle.


These are just a few wild flower meanings for you, if you look into the background of many flowers you will be able to construct your own and make a most beautiful set of cards to use for psychic readings, or in the summertime simply use the flowers themselves!

Enjoy your flower divinations!

 With love




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