For those in Spirit.

For our Loved Ones in Spirit.  

welcome to our remembrance page!
CrystalI often receive emails from people who ask me to send healing and love to their lost loved ones who are in Spirit no matter if they human or our beloved animal companions. Now as we enter a new year and a new phase, and because of the world situation that we find ourselves in, there is a need for a page like this, So whether this is a recent loss or a loss from long ago, Please take a moment to add it to this page, and Love and Healing will be sent via my Healing Book to both those who are passed and to you yourself on a monthly basis...I created this page for candlethose who wish to leave a candle and a blessing for those who have passed.

Because of 'spam' problems, for the moment you will need to email me with your information (photo optional) and I personally will add your words to our pages.
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To my wonderful dad Adolf I thank you for being my dad for the special years I had with you and I know you still with me in spirit I love you Sasha and xenia and to my babies my pets Nika Bianca Brutus toffee Cindy Maui hurus and lady for filling my life with joy
candleThis is for Mother Judy
who left us four years ago.
We love and miss you so much.
candleThat is a great blessing thank you. I would like a candle lit for my Mother and my Brother inlaw And the family in spirit. Kind regards Patricia.
For my father in law Dave
Who experienced dreadful decline with his health over the last couple of years
Sheila, the boys and I were always on call whatever the time to help mum, ranging from falls and accidents, back n forth to the hospital and during the last six months our loving care as your body and we think your mind had “had enough “ as such. You are definitely with us and mum and trust all of those nasty aches and pains have gone  Robert 

To my beautiful sister/Angel that passed away in the year of 2005… I still think of you often, and wish you could be here. You will forever be in my heart and be with me in spirit.

Also thinking about my old mentor Mary that just passed recently a couple months back, I wish I had more time with you… but the last day I seen you before you passed and have had the chance to spend time with you and to see that beautiful warm smile made everything okay, just Knowing you lived your life and your at peace now. I know you’re a angel watching over me just like you did when I was a child.

I love you guys so much!!! M.

candleFor my friend Karen who passed unexpectedly and far too soon. I remember the fun we had together when we were young and at collage and I think of you always! I know you will be with the angels and that I will see you again.    
Remembered with Love. M.

For my little fluffy Angel in a fur coat, Lucy the mostLucy amazing dog. We had more than 12 amazing years together, lots of fun, walks candle& wonderful cuddles. You made friends with everyone you met, the living room is full of flowers, cards, poems & even a little girls drawings of you in heaven, the phone hasn't stopped with messages of sympathy ...... Missed by everyone. Glad you & daddy Mel are together again & we all send you both love, hugs & kisses.  Mummy Rena xxxxxxxxxx

For my baby brother Buddy, killed 2-2-82
       candle     “ My beloved little brother  “ Buddy “ I know you are in a beautiful place called with no stress pain or sadness now. Just wanted to send my Eternal Love and let you know I miss you so very much. Drop in for coffee like you use to do, I will know you are there, Death does not exist only transition to other places, the Spirit is Eternal from the moment The Creator of All gave you existence “.  I know there is such a place as Heaven, they let me visit sometimes.
For my beautiful little Purdy, My best friend for 21 years, a good candleage for a cat. She slipped away last March and I miss her so much. I know this was her second visit with me in this life and I am sure there will be a third, but she knows that cannot happen just yet and I want  her to know I have never stopped loving her and our time will come again. It is karma and it cannot be stopped, we just have to wait a little while. Take care precious and enjoy playing in the beautiful sunshine over the rainbow bridge. Love and cuddles Mum Jan X

candleSending love to my little Gemmadog,

mischievous, happy, friendly little soul.

It’s nearly 3 years since You died too young at only 2 when I had to make the terrible decision after you suffering for 3 long months after eating something in the woods one day we were out. I will never forgive myself and I miss you with all my being and.

I can only look forward to us being together again on our many happy walks and that you  Take care my little one. All my love J.