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The Fool    

This fool is far from foolish, he is the "wise fool" of the Arcana and represents the child like optimism and innocence that ensures whatever we do, if we expect to succeed then of course we will succeed!

Drawing the Fool suggests that you 'let go and take a risk' in some area of your life.

The fool of the Arcana appears to be about to step off the edge of a cliff, but however disastrous this may seem to us, we know that he will survive!

It is an airy card and is linked to the planet Uranus, which is the planet of inspiration, freedom and change, so the Fool is also a card of new beginnings and freedom.

When you choose this card as a single daily card, its message to you is to take a fresh look at your day, and see how you can work through it intuitively and in a more carefree manner.

Try for once not to care about what others think! Be aware of the Fool like a breath of fresh invigorating air blowing through your life. You may decide that you like the feeling of freedom, and carry it into the rest of your week!

Traditionally the Fool has no number in the Tarot. He is the beginning and the end. The wise child starting off on his journey, to return again to the source.

We see here the continuing cycle of birth, death and re-birth. The continuing search for Spiritual Enlightenment.

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