Traditional meaning:- Possessions, earned income, luck. Abundance.

Meaning for today:-






this Rune is the Rune of good fortune!  On a daily basis it is putting you on notice that today may be a positive day for you, particularly where possessions are concerned.



Today there may be a choice ahead of you, and Fehu is suggesting to you that you would do well to be open to choices at this time, and that the decision that you make concerning whatever choices are presented to you is most likely to be positive and beneficial to you today.



This should be a day of 'generosity' as well as a day of acquisitions, and whether we are talking about actually giving something away or giving our time away is irrelevant, whatever part of our available energy should be open to others on this beneficial day... in other words do not be 'mean' with people today, what you give out may without warning come back to you tenfold!



 Be optimistic and give thanks for all that you have!  When Fehu comes into your life as a daily rune, then give that day the best chance it has and it will be fortunate for you in some very important way.



 The colour associated with this Rune is sunshine yellow!


The number associated with this Rune is 6