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Faeries and Plant Devas  


Although we mostly think of faeries as mythical beings in stories, they are in fact very real and closely allied to Angels, and are simply another life form that inhabits our planet.


In the olden stories we hear of various groups of faeries kind, tree sprites water sprites air sprites, and of course plant devas.

We give them various names, but in fact they do all belong to the same family of faeries.psychic readings from Crystal


In the early days of the Findhorn Foundation (just outside Forres in the North East of Scotland,) wonderful plants and vegetables were grown on land that was almost purely sand, and it is thought that much of the inspiration and energy for this came from the various plant devas. 

Every flower, every tree, every wildflower in fact every plant has its own ‘ deva’ or fairy, and by connecting with that diva and asking its helped in growing plants that we are hoping to grow, we can improve the fertility of anything that is growing in our garden or indeed anywhere.


Keeping a little wild part in your garden is essential for working with the garden devas/faeries, as they need part of the garden that it is left to its own devices so that they can rest and play, in a wild place, which is what they love!

So if you want the help of the faeries with building a beautiful garden for yourself, pay them by leaving them their own little plot, and add a few beautiful beach pebbles or pretty stones to it, and perhaps a very tiny earthenware dish that will fill up with rainwater for them. 


If you wish to ask your garden faeries for their help in growing things in a certain part of your garden, sit very quietly in the spot that you would cultivate, close your eyes and breathe gently and rhythmically.  After a few moments when you a feeling very calm and very relaxed, mentally tune in to the diva you are trying to contact, and then ask it for its helped in growing that planting to perfection.  Whenever dealing with faeries or other sprites, you should leave the gift when you ask for their help, and it needs to be something of nature, pretty pebble… a pine cone…. or a flower….. And never forget to thank them for their help!


If you sit very quietly in the garden, in a meditative state, on a still warm sunny day, you may just see just at the edge of your vision small movements, or even catch a very swift glimpse of the faeries themselves!

Sit in the spot where the cat likes to sit

Cross your fingers and toes. 

Close your eyes and imagine…

 That you smell a beautiful rose.

Say under your breath…

“I believe in faeries

I believe in faeries

  I believe in faeries”

And see where your vision goes……..






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