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The EmperessThe Empress represents the powerful female side of our dual nature, she is the fertile Mother/Goddess figure of the Tarot. Associated with Venus and the Triple faced Godesses.

As a daily card the Empress confirms that your female, nurturing, tactile side is very evident right now. Firstly remember that it is yourself you must nurture before nurturing others.

This is a time when you are brimming over with creativity, and whether it is children or ideas that you are birthing, the result will be the same!

Food, Fabrics, rich colours! all draw you to them today, allow yourself to enjoy them all and perhaps if you can make time, treat yourself to something wonderful like a massage or beauty treatment, or if it is your personal weakness...a wonderful bar of chocolate!

If you are working, make sure that the area in which you work is pleasant with flowers or some little personal things, and be sure to honour any new and creative ideas that surface today as they will be important and relevant.

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