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£70 General Psychic keysPsychic Reading with Crystal

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 Crystal will in this comprehensive reading (approx 1500 words) give you general information about Home ~ Work ~ Love ~ Money and will alert you to any situations that she feels you need to be aware of....and she will answer three questions for you on any subject you wish.

Special attention will be given to your questions and Crystal will answer them as fully as possible. You can ask for clarity or help with this reading and Crystal will give you a follow-up also by email.


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General Reading on love-money-work Plus three Questions. £70.00 (approx 1,500 words). 

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£90 Full Psychic Reading with Crystal

Crystal will in this very full and comprehensive reading ( approx 2500 words)address all the subjects above + Five Questions... and will add a month-by-month focus which will tell you about the atmosphere surrounding the next 12 months from when you book the reading. This reading is really good value for money and will act as a guide for the whole 12 months for you.
For both readings Crystal will add your Birth Numerology Info and an Angel Card for the Day!
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 £90.00 Full Reading With A Month by Month Focus for 12 months. Info on work-love-money-home + 5 questions plus pastlife information (approx 2500 words). 

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 E-Mail Address.  please double check that this is correct! ....


 Date of Birth.   DD/MM/YYYY 






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 If you do not receive OUR confirmation within that timescale, PLEASE PHONE US ON 01542 839221 From time to time we do experience difficulties when sending readings out due to over enthusiastic spam filters, we need you to advise us if your reading does not reach you in the given time. Disclaimer: Please note the following: For reasons of legality, all psychic, clairvoyant, & medium readings & spell work are deemed as for 'entertainment purposes only'. All of our many readings are aimed at being helpful to our clients. Please treat them as such. How you act upon the advice given is entirely your decision.  You need to be over 18 to use this service.


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We do not and never have passed on information about our clients to any third party!

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