Email problems. what to do.


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Sometimes experiene problems with some email addresses due to the ‘spam’ filters that are being used by many of the service providers also blocking genuine emails. This is especially so with Hotmail.

This means that we will receive your order….but we may in some circumstances have difficulty in getting back to you, especially if your email provider is or!

If you have sent us an order, and completed your payment through Worldpay  or PAYPAL and have not received a confirmation directly from us at SILVERMOON within 24 hours, this is what to do!:-

Firstly….email us on the link below to advise us of that……

 ……..and if you receive no answer from us within 24 hours.

 Secondly….. ring us on the number below and let us know. (if you are answered by the answer-phone, please try again when the message advises you to ring, or leave a message with a contact number on the mobile number and we will get back to you!)  

01542-839221 or 0783 766 9997


  It will help if you have a second email address for us to send your reading to.



We have noticed that recently many credit/debit transactions are rejected by internet payment systems, when in fact there is nothing wrong at all with the customers card! we believe this is due to more stringent measures against credit/debit card fraud being implemented generally. We have recently ourselves experienced this, and realize how annoying and upsetting it can be! if your card is rejected for no good reason, we suggest that you try again with a different card, or try a phone reading from us, which is paid thro' your 'phone account. We also suggest that you contact your bank to see why this has happened?

We are hoping that these problems will shortly be eliminated, and are working hard to this end.


With Blessings!