Traditional meaning:-  Trustworthiness, strength, reliability, dependability, defence.




Meaning for today:-





Choosing this rune for your daily rune gives you protection in whatever situation wrong-foots you today!


You may feel that something is blocking you during the day today, but if you can allow yourself to go with this and not push too much against the blockage, you may well find later that the blockage was there for a reason, and it was not timely for you to proceed anyway!   Today he be like a river that finds its own path meandering through the fields... try not to force your way through blockages, but flow around them gracefully and calmly... you will be surprised at how successful this can ultimately be.


This is defence by ‘non-action’ and is perhaps the best way of dealing with a difficult situation.


Keeping a low profile today may be a very good idea, because something or someone is intent on causing you problems... there is no point in fighting this, today you are simply not going to get what you want or get your own way, allow the universe to guide you as it will, and be aware that the blockage will move quicker than perhaps you are expecting if you simply allow things to go over your head and get on with what you need to do.



This should be a day of 'thinking' more than 'doing', planning ahead for all eventualities, and not relying too much on others at this time.


Remember you are well protected at the moment, and if you can trust this and simply allow things to be, all will be well!


The colour associated with this Rune is  Electric blue!



The number associated with this Rune is 5.