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Dowsing Food for health and happiness!


Dowsing for healthSalad, vegetables, meat, cheese… how do we know what is good for us at any given time?  How do we know what is natural and pure, and can fill us full of vitality?  How do we identify food that will help us to be all that we can be?


We are constantly told what to eat and what not to eat, but perhaps we have lost the ability to ‘ know’ ourselves what it is that our body really needs… perhaps we need a little help…


Have you ever craved the something so badly that you thought you must have it at any cost?  Anyone who has suffered with cravings will understand what I mean. Now we are beginning to learn that there may be some component in the food that is craved that we do actually need at that particular time, and that our body is requesting that we give it…. if we are sensible about this then even a small amount of that food will be satisfying.Dowsing


Our bodies are a delicate balance, and need different things at different times… So how would it be if you had a guide with you all the time, that could advise you as to what you needed and when!


You can have this at very little cost, and with very little disruption to your life.

 Apple Harvest

I discovered long ago that using a crystal pendulum provided answers where no other answers could be got in lots of situations, and eight years ago I began using my crystal pendulum to identify the vegetables and salads and other foods that I needed in supermarkets and shops.

At the time I was very concerned about chemicals that were used to grow vegetables, and I felt that the only way to be really sure was to ask my pendulum if the products that I was looking at were good for me… a simple question…. “ do I need this food at this time?” and the pendulum would react either as yes or no.


Now I have extended this to actually asking my pendulum if I need a certain thing at a certain time, and I find it makes a remarkable difference to how well I feel…. I must explain, that Pendulum amethystmost in my life I have been  ‘in tune’ with the foods that I need to eat, and I am also a great believer in natural medicines and herbal remedies, so it came naturally to me to trust my own intuition, and my pendulum’s wisdom.


But a pendulum can be used in many other situations, bearing in mind what answers you are looking for, for the most part the answer will be a simple ‘yes or no’ answer.  Most questions that you wish to ask will be answered one way or another.


Here is a little lesson in pendulum dowsing, and it doesn't matter whether your pendulum is crystal, glass, wood or something else like a pebble tied on a piece of string… although I personally favour my amethyst crystal pendulum above all others because that works fine for me.  Like many things involving the esoteric, always go with what feels right for you!


First choose and buy your pendulum, and always go with the one that you were first drawn to, because that is the one that will work best for you.

Then carry it around with you in a pocket or purse a few days, sometimes they come in their own little bags which is very handy, if not it is easy enough to find one…


During this time take your pendulum out regularly and hold it, this way you are identifying with it and it is becoming fully yours, and attuned to you. Never let anyone else touch your pendulum if you can help it, you'll find it works far better if you keep it strictly for yourself.


To wake up your dowsing pendulum.

First hold the pendulum in your hand (left or right which ever feels right to you!) and take a few minutes to feel your self ‘attune’ to your pendulum especially if it is crystal. You can close your eyes or not whatever feels right to you. Some people like to hold the crystal next to their heart during this time to make a really deep connection. You may find it is more comfortable to do this whilst sitting.

Then hold the dowser with one hand by its chain or cord, (again in whichever hand feels right you) and hold the othecr hand quite closely just under it opened out flat, so that the point of the pendulum is just above the palm of the other hand but can still swing freely ….close your eyes and again ‘tune in’ to your pendulum….then ask that it show you how it will move for you to signify YES .

Do this by asking it the question in your mind “Show me yes!” then wait for a few minutes, you may find that the dowsing pendulum is somewhat slow to get going, but if you just wait quietly and in a relaxed way it will gently begin to move.

Whichever way the crystal swings for you as an answer to this question (circle, or back and forth) is its way of answering YES. You then know that any other movement that it makes will mean NO.

To begin with only ask your pendulum questions that require a yes or no answer! Otherwise it cannot answer you with any clarity. As you become more adept, it will be possible to discover other answers and wisdom from your dowsing pendulum, but to begin with always keep it a simple yes or no answer

 Always choose a crystal pendulum that you feel drawn to.  And it can become your friend for life!

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