Traditional meaning:-   transformation, change, breakthrough, timing.


Meaning for today:-





 This is the rune of transformation. when it appears in your life things may never be the same again in some area of your life.


This rune usually only appears when the timing is right, and when change is necessary, and will often come at the end of a cycle of nine years, when you once again start a new cycle and explore another part of your essentials self.



As a rune for the day, Dagaz gives you notice of radical change at some point throughout your day, something totally unexpected is most likely to happen here, and there is no saying whether this is good and bad or indifferent Although with Dagaz ‘ indifferent’ does not seem to be an option!...what can be said is that you will not be able to sidetrack this, and by meeting it head-on you may mitigate its discomfort, if discomfort there is.



You may have achieved something good recently, and today will be your day to be rewarded, others will look at you with different eyes, and you will feel quite different and may well be aware of the ‘responsibilities of success’



In a very real way you will have moved on, although you may not realise this 'in the moment', be careful not to rest on your laurels at this time.... there is still a long long way to go!



When Dagaz enters your life at any time, then be aware that possibly nothing may ever be the same again!



The colour associated with this Rune is dark purple!


The number associated with this Rune is 7.