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Cutting the ties


Lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what hold you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom.


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Psychic Tarot Readings from Crystal and her team at Silvermoon. Tarot, Runes, Crystal Oracle and more. Pages of information on healing and meditation. Love spells from Lily.  “No man is an island” we all have connections to others, and through our lives we make hundreds if not thousands of ties to other people of various strengths, and of various importance. Sometimes in certain situations it is appropriate that we ‘let go’ of some of those ties, and letting go itself can be very healing and cathartic....

At the end of a relationship cutting the ties is often a good idea, even if retaining the friendship with that person, to cut some of the ties from the past.  Otherwise it can never be true ‘friendship’ as the ties are still connected from the time when it was a relationship and will be far too strong to function in any other way.

 At other times it is appropriate for some of us to ‘ go within’ and to loosen our connection to those around us, sometimes we have to do this at certain times of our lives to find ourselves, and to connect more closely with our spiritual selves.

 Cutting the ties

Cutting the ties to a particular person (particularly after a distressing time) can be quite difficult, and may need to be done many times before effective.

 A good way to go about this is to choose a quiet time when you are in your own, settle yourself in a comfortable chair perhaps with pleasant low music in the background, or not whichever is your preference…. and let the person you're trying to cut the ties with come into your mind.

 See them as if they are hovering in a void… So you see them... and nothing else. You could visualise them suspended against the night sky, so that there is nothing else connected to them that would disturb your focus.

Then visualise long silken cords reaching from their heads, throat and their heart (and any other part of their anatomy that you feel would be relevant to this time) and joining on to you in the same place.

These silken cords can be long or short depending on how close you have felt the person in the past.

 Then visualise a beautiful pair of golden scissors in your hand, and one by one cut the ties close to the body of the person you wish to separate from, and one by one as you do so…. visualise a handful of healing energy light sparkling and beautiful!  And smooth this over the area where you have cut the ties from with this before moving on to the next cord.

 Continue with this cord cutting and healing until you have finished, each time healing the person with a handful of healing energy as you cut the cord.

 Push handsAs you finish take a second to bathe the person in healing white energy, and send love and respect to them if you can. 

Then very gently with the palms of both hands give them a gentle push so that they gently and slowly move away from you into their own space.

Then you need to visualise the cords that still are attached to your body and reabsorb them back into your own body.  Again give healing the place where, they were with light healing energy as they disappear.

 Now take a little time to balance your own energies, to be calm and peaceful and once again your own person.

Now bring your attention back to where you are, your own room your own private place, and for a few moments feel calm, peaceful and relaxed, realising that you have not harmed the person in anyway, rather that  you have given them healing and wish them all the good that you are able at that time.

 When you are ready continue with your life in the knowledge that you have indeed ‘cut the ties’

 With very close and perhaps difficult relationships, you may need to go through this many times before you achieve your objective.  But you will know when it is relevant to do thisHealing the cause because the person will begin once again to intrude into your life and into your heart.  (Please note that the ties to the heart Chakra are the most difficult to cut permanently!)

 Never forget to give yourself plenty of healing during this time, and be aware that sometimes we have to 'cut ties' when outmoded relationships intrude too much and take too much of your personal space.  This can also happen in many other areas of life, and sometimes it is very relevant that we retreat into our own space for a while to discover our next spiritual step.


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