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This is a 'Special Offer' reading from Crystal

Using a combination of her her favourite Tarot Pack (The Gilded Tarot) Amethyst Pendulum  combined with her beloved Crystal ball. Crystal will answer three questions for you as fully as possible about any subject! The word count for this special reading from Crystal will be at least 900 and may be far more!

Crystal will also give advice and information connected with your questions, by interpreting the images & symbols that she sees in the Sacred Tarot for you. Crystal will also refer to her crystal ball during this short reading

Although this is a special 'budget' reading, Crystal will make it as full and relevant as possible.

Please consider taking advantage of this very special offer from Crystal...when most top ranking psychics are still charging huge prices for their readings, Crystal offers this facility for her loyal clients who may at the moment be experiencing financial restraint.

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Special Short Tarot, Pendulum & Crystal Ball Reading from CRYSTAL. £25.

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