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The crystal you have chosen today is citrine.

 When this crystal comes into your life it brings a feeling of joy and humour.

See the funny side of life today, and allow yourself to simply enjoy the simple pleasures... notice how blue is the sky... how soft the air, and even if it is raining enjoy the coolness and the cleansing of the rain... and if you get wet?  Then laugh!!!

Citrine brings light-heartedness and cleansing into your life today! today you can be the 'fool'!  do not take things too seriously, you and they will still be here tomorrow and there is plenty of time to knuckle down and get to grips with things.

Today take a little time out to be frivolous perhaps?  wear  something bright orange and scintillate with orange energy!

Spread a little 'foolishness'  be the wise fool and lighten the load!