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  The Chariot

"To travel hopefully is better than to arrive"

This then is the true message of the Chariot. By going with, instead of against our nature we succeed, by looking ahead and above we circumvent the potholes in life's road and fly our Chariot to the very stars!

Linked to the sign of Cancer and the Moon.

As a daily card the Chariot heralds a lucky time for you, but the "luck" is a result of your hard work, and perhaps failures in the past and the determination to succeed. A special door may begin to open for you today.. but only if you are ready for it!

The Chariot may rumble into your life as a real vehicle, or a day of more moving about than you were expecting to, again go with the flow rather than against it.

Accept all that the chariot brings, it will ultimately improve your situation.

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