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Chakra balancing

chakra balancingTHE CHAKRA SYSTEM is the bodies light energy system, and many of the problems that we experience in day-to-day life can be attributed to imbalance in one of the main Chakras.

We need to cleanse and balance our Chakras constantly to maintain a balance of energy. When our Chakras are out of balance it will disrupt our entire physical system. Remember that whatever is amiss with the bodies light energy system will eventually filter down into the physical body, so paying attention to the state of health of our Chakra system and our Aura will greatly enhance our health generally!

Learn how to work your way up from the base Chakra cleansing and balancing as you go, always remembering to close each Chakra as you finish. You can learn how to do this by consulting a good book, attending a workshop or allowing a healer to take you through it so that you know how to do it in future.

Using colour to support the Chakra system is known to help strengthen

Chakra Charts set of 4 A4 wall charts.

and protect, so for example, if you were having difficulties telling someone how you felt about certain things that were adversely affecting your life, especially if that person was in some part responsible for the difficulties, you would need to support the Throat Chakra which is associated with "speaking your truth" and as this Chakra is a beautiful clear mid-blue, then wearing a silk scarf of that colour around the neck, or wearing either a Sodalite or Lapis pendant, will greatly strengthen your resolve and ability to say what you feel, or even to say "no!"

Many people have difficulty with this Chakra, and with the base Chakra which is associated with security, home, our support system and survival.

To support any area of the body that is troublesome relax in a comfortable position and breath deeply for a few minutes, focus on the area that is causing you problems and breathe in the appropriate colour for a few moments, i.e. for headache, focus on the head area and picture lilac energy, breathe this lilac colour in to the lungs and allow it to flow up to the crown Chakra area.

Breathe gently letting the colour cleanse and empower the area that needs it. When you are ready bring your attention back to the room that you are in and gently stretch and relax.

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