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Cat Stories 1999 and onwards....

Cat storiesEdward. Sadly now passed over...

(and dogs & everything else!)

Part of the money that we earn goes to help feed and maintain the many creatures that come to us, either as having been abandoned by their owners, or given over to our keeping, because circumstances in their lives have drastically changed. In the past we have both helped raise money for vets bills for people who can-not afford them, and have donated money ourselves for local good animal causes. Recently over the past twenty years  we have been "home" to five cats, two large dogs, an aviary of assorted birds, 6 laying hens, and a seagull chick who fell out of his nest!Big Ed

We also have from time to time taken in cats so that their owners may either have a much needed holiday, or hospital visit, in the knowledge that their beloved pet is safe, loved and well looked after. We only do this in extraordinary circumstances due to our own lack of space. (Holiday cats live in the Sanctuary!)  we do not make a charge for this, but expect the owners to provide food and litter for their pets holiday with us... We are not a charity...we do not look for rescues or little abandoned souls, they find us...and if they do, we take them in! so we need to make enough money to feed us all!!! one of these days I, Crystal will retire, or so I keep telling everyone! at  sixty-five I feel I have to at least make the right noises! but will I...?...with the responsibility of our ever expanding "family" I doubt it! but please read on................

Big Edward           

Blossomina. Sadly passed five years ago

"Life's just not fair!" said Blossomina as she threw herself across the hearth rug, managing at the same time to sideswipe Finn the dog, who was up to that point sunning himself in front of the fire and minding his own business. "Why ?" I asked tentatively "Everyone picks on me just because I'm small!" she retaliated. Realizing that there was far more to this than met the eye. I knelt down and scratched her chin (always a good move to butter her up!) "Tell me all about it" I murmured in my most soothing tones whilst working assiduously at the chin. " Well I had just made friends with this cute little brown bird" she said " and was teaching it to play 'tag' when Blue flew across the garden and made off with it in his mouth!" "I suppose you just wanted to be friends with it?" I said doubtfully. "Of course!" she said, looking hurt that anything else should even cross my mind! (this from one of the most notorious hunters known to this part of Buckie) "Well never mind" I replied "He probably wanted to join in the game too". "Humpf!!" she said, (this is a peculiar noise that she makes when she is sulking, I cant describe it any other way than "humpf!" With this she decided that the chin had received enough attention and bit my finger. "What was that for?" I exclaimed! "For siding with Blue against me" she said fixing me with her cool blue/green Siamese eyes. With this she turned her back to me and began to meticulously manicure her claws. "Silly -----" said Blue under his breath as he sauntered past, trailing a small brown feather from the corner of his mouth. "She's getting too old to catch birds, that's her trouble!" he sneered. With that he tripped over Finns nose and fell in the coal bucket, (always a clumsy cat). Bloss yodelled with delight, and Finn took himself off to the relative peace of the greenhouse and the last of the afternoon sunshine. Oh well! I thought, at least I get to sit in front of the fire for a while without contorting myself around them all. At this point Nicodemus rudely shoved me out of the way, "Age before beauty!" he snorted arranging himself full length in the best spot. I gave up and rummaged hopefully in the fridge for something for supper!

       Blue Tails!

"Hello!" a small damp grey/blue nose pushes itself into my ear--- "go -way" I muttered through delicious waves of comfy sleep---"its me!" he trills! "yes Blue I know, go-way" I repeat. "thought you'd like to know I'm ok!" he says whilst beginning to tentatively wash the inside of my ear, "please go away Blue, I'm asleep!" I mutter, "but your talking to me! and its time to get up!" I open one eye and peer at the clock on the shelf, which says 5.15 am. and then into the small grey/blue triangular face with slightly crossed eyes (he always does this when he's thinking, says it aids concentration!) and begin to realize that today I'm not going to get away with a long lie.Blu "So why did you think I would be worried? I ask "Cus I've not eaten all night and I thought you might be worried that I would faint and fall off the windowsill or the shed roof with hunger!" the small anxious face replies. going more cross eyed than ever and managing to look pathetic at the same time, "can you wait for just five minutes Blue please while I wake up?" I ask, "yes of course" he says "I'll just give you a bit of a wash while I'm waiting shall I?" "ok Blue, I'm up already!!!"-----

Blu in the sun.

Yeeeowwww!!! I was rudely awakened from sleep by the sound of forty cats being slowly strangled! (or that's how it sounded) It must be Blue I thought, too loud and persistent for Blossom (the only other one with a voice like something out of a 'Hammer House of Horror' movie). "Yeeeoooowwrrr" it went on and on! the lad was in trouble! I flung myself out of bed and, snatching up a dressing gown on the way, stumbled down the stairs and out to the back garden. No sign of Blue. The noise began again and I realized that it was coming from next door's garden. Looking over the fence, there in the moonlight was little Blue and the most enormous ginger tom. They were crouched eyeballing each other and it was obvious that Blue had lost out on rounds one and two, and was about to be slaughtered in round three! At that moment I must have lent on the fence between gardens and the resulting slight sound caused two pairs of yellow eyes to turn in my direction. "Weeeeeeh" said Blue turning tail and making for the fence safety and me. "I knew you would come!" he shrieked! running up the fence like a blue streak rocket and throwing himself into my arms with all claws extended (just to make sure). The ginger tom looked on in total disbelief. "Whimp!" I heard it mutter as it made its way back to the adjoining garden. I carried the small battered form back upstairs with me and settled him in the bed. "So what did you do to make him so angry?" I asked. "Oh nothing!" he replied airily "just pointed out to him how silly a big butch cat like him looked in a pink collar!" "oh dear Blue" I sighed! "we really must have a long chat about diplomacy and self preservation. (Husband groaned and turned over, sure I heard him mutter "not again") as we settled down for a good old chat. Blue with his head next to mine on the pillow, we talked for a little while but gradually both fell asleep.

Brocoli Obadiah Puddlefoot Saddly passed 10 years ago

He was the prettiest of kittens! (The chocolate box variety). full of mischief and fun. And he grew into the handsomest of cats. We called him 'Broc' for short and he was a character! Loving and home loving, (born next door he never strayed from the local gardens), always the first to greet visitors at the door, and to accompany them to the gate as they left. He had many friends, a companionable cat, everyone loved him!

As he grew, he saw many strays seeking temporary sanctuary in our home. He accepted them all! It was Broc who befriended the four month old Blossomina who arrived emaciated and with a broken paw. As she recovered he taught her to play 'hide & seek under the rug', and more recently decided to be "Uncle" to  Blue they spent many happy hours practicing Judo and paw wrestling in front of the living room fire. Never a lap cat, Broc preferred to lie along the back of the settee and drape his head and front paws over your shoulder whilst purring gently to himself. Sadly in his eighth year Brocoli began to suffer from cancer. He lived for another nine weeks growing thinner and weaker daily, but kept pain free by daily sessions of Reiki, he still enjoyed life and spent his last few days basking in the sunshine of his special spot at the end of our long garden by the back wall. Often have I looked out from the back door and noticed Broc sunning himself here, and now as I look out I see the tiny grave, marked by an ornamental stone cat, and Broc is again in my mind and heart.

He brought joy, laughter and his own special brand of love into our lives, and sometimes on a warm Summer evening I see a small stripy shade wend its way through the bushes as it has always done, and always will----Nicely


Nicely-Nicely a temporary tenant with many health problems...Who came in from many years of living rough....plagued with epilepsy and failing eyesight (which was why she constantly bit us!) she nevertheless spent three happy years with us...her kidneys finally gave up and she passed in her sleep.

Pansy's tail! (Saddly passed 2014)

Pansy toddled into the room on her short little legs. "Is it time yet?" she enquired in her sing song little girly voice, "Just ten minutes or so" I answer smiling at the very round tabby fur ball. Pandora "Pansy" for short is the roundest sweetest little cat with a face like a female Garfield!

Meditation workshops would just not be the same without her! Pansy has discovered the wonderfully peaceful energy that is generated during any workshop that we run involving meditation, and basks in it as if it were pure bottled sunshine! The door opens and half a dozen or so of "my girls" come in, Pansy is in her element! After greeting 'her' guests she settles down to wait. And so we begin---"Close your eyes and take a deep breath--- hold for the count of three" "meeyow" ---"let it out slowly "mew!" ---and again "mewp!" and so we progress, We have learned to make Pansy's little soft comments part of our meditation, eventually she falls silent as do we all---------"Now slowly and gently bring your consciousness back into the room--- be aware of your surroundings-----and gently--and in your own time--open your eyes--and smile!" Frank

And what do we see? Pansy in the centre of the circle, flat on her back, short little legs in the air, snoring very gently, far away in the land of nod!!! what else can we do but open our eyes and smile?


Frank (The new boy! 2014) warming his paws.

Frank was a cat that we believe was left behind..he was about two years old + and a beautiful traditional tabby cat... when he found his way to the garden he was bleeding from his two front paws and was emaciated and dehydrated. His paws looked as if he had had to claw his way out of something and he was a very sad little cat. Frank was the only cat that had real difficulties settling down with us, I think this was partly because he had not been neutered, and partly because I feel he was happy in his old home and we wondered if perhaps his owner had died and he had simply been left behind, perhaps with the upset of his owner dying he hid in the house and got locked in... it took him about a month to settle and during that time he constantly went away for 24 hours or Frank the tabby catmore, I believe to see if his owner had come back or if you could get back into his original home. We all had quite a difficult time even the other cats, because Frank was not a mixer I think he had been an only pet.... I suppose all in all it took a good six months before he came to see us as his family and here as his home, but once he did he was settled and happy and began to look the beautiful cat that he was, always welcoming to visitors (whether they liked it or not!)... always a difficult cat and for the most part misunderstood. He spent a happy seven years with us and then gently faded into old age... he even made his passing is difficult as possible by choosing to die in the space underneath the Veranda... which means that husband had to dismantle the front of it the next day to get him out again! Poor Frank we loved him nevertheless.

June 21st, Mid-Summer, We had invited members of our Indigo Moon Lodge to come help celebrate the festival with us, and at the same time to celebrate the wonderful new decking that husband had spent the past months designing and constructing. The day had arrived! The weather looked as if it might hold, and the new decking looked like a mini dance floor! (D. never does things by half!) Early that morning Finn the gorgeous lurcher and I had been at our morning meditations in the Sanctuary at the bottom of the garden, Finn on the bed, me in the armchair. "You shouldn't really be on that bed you know" I said looking at the smooth beige body reclining gracefully and looking decidedly regal. "Why not?" he asked opening one eye, "Not a dogs place" I said firmly. "But I'm a special dog!" he declared with a look of satisfaction. "Whoever told you that!" I exclaimed, now fully back from my peaceful meditation. "Oh! just about everybody!" he sighed! "I see! Well just don't untidy the bed!" I countered lamely!

"So Finn, what's on your agenda for today?" I asked changing the subject. "Oh, I think I'll just hang out in the garden till my guests arrive." "Well I shall go and have a couple of hours working on my website," I said, " I've discovered that I still have 16 mega bites of space left." Uh?" said Finn both ears twitching with interest, "Are they chicken? I like chicken! hope your going to share them!" "What?" I said, stupidly not seeing the connection! "These bite things!"  "Oh no Finn, not that sort of bites, you cant eat them!!"  "Um!, Don't see the point of biting anything if you cant eat it, unless its the window cleaner of course," he said in a tone of disappointment. Finn is allergic to window cleaners steel ladders, and has nightmares about being chased by them, we gave up on having the windows cleaned long ago, and when it becomes difficult to see out we do it ourselves!

The day went on with D. and I slavishly preparing for the evening, and Finn making sure that we did everything properly. At ten to seven D. was still working on the hand rail of the decking and we had roped his son Robert into helping light the fire. (a wonderful new contraption called a Chiminea) that had just been installed at the edge of the decking. The girls began to arrive, greeted by Finn and the cats, and of course us! We duly celebrated the arrival of Mid-Summer with food, wine (for some of us non-alcoholic!,) much laughter and companionship long into the night and under the stars. As the temperature dropped, Fiona fed more drift wood in to the fire, and we all drew a little closer to it! It was truly wonderful! The essence of companionship and friendship. I could see how Finn knew that he was "special" Everybody loved him and fed him treats, and the cats had no shortage of laps to sit on. Eventually they all gradually left, and once again Finn and I were alone to contemplate the evening, (D. having to rise early the next day.)

"So Finn, did you enjoy the evening?" "Wow! yes!" he said licking the cream from the last bit of black forest gateau from around his mouth, "When can we do it again?" he asked eagerly, "When we celebrate Lammas festival at the end of July," I answered. "What's that one all about?" he asked, " Well its a fire festival, where we sit around the circle of the fire and drink the new wines of the year and eat the new loaves of bread from the years grain, to celebrate the time of the Moon Goddess" "Oh good, just eating and drinking a lot again! " he replied. Trust a dog, albeit a "special" one to put it all into perspective!


 cat stories from Scotland

Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs (and Olly!)

I stood outside the Aviary and looked in at its few remaining inhabitants. Two very old female Cockatiel who took it in turn to sit all summer on their infertile eggs (no male!) three Budgies and an impudent Dimorphic Canary who looked like a robin, sang like an Angel and beat up any other bird that dared to approach it! Something had to be done! As it is a fair sized Aviary I wondered about the possibility of having Quail to live in the bottom of it? and perhaps a male Cockatiel to keep the two lonely females happy?

Things happened very quickly, as they usually do once you begin to plan! Debbie phoned me to say that there were Quail for sale in a local paper. In no time at all we were travelling home with what looked like seven tiny chickens in a box!  We put them directly in with the other birds and they very soon began to settle down. At two and a half weeks they would soon adapt to the new surroundings. The Canary who we name General Sod (for obvious reasons) was totally delighted with them and spent all of his time on the floor of the Aviary feeding and running around with them. Instead of serenading us he flirted outrageously with all seven! (well named I say! the reason we had him at all was because he has pecked his last partner to death!) they of course ignored him!

Just as we had begun to get accustomed to the strange almost turkey like noises in the garden every morning, I was in local pet shop with Jayne and saw a most beautiful pure white young budgie. she looked sad in her tiny cage so of course she had to come too! Thus we now had Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs! things were beginning to look a little busier!

Then, as I began to despair of ever getting a male Cockatiel for my two lonely females I was phoned by a woman locally who had a very much loved, one year old yellow male! (both our females are yellow) but as she was out all day and "Olly" was left on his own, he had become very destructive and it was plain to see that he would be happier with more company of his own kind. We invited her over with Olly to see if she thought that he would be happy in our garden.

She thought the situation would be ideal for him, and I suggested that both she and her daughter should visit regularly with Olly so that they didn't feel too bad about losing him. So we gained not only Olly, but new friends too! as we had never named the two females we now thought that it was the right time to do so. Behold! Olly, Molly and Polly!!! Olly settled in very well and as I entered the cage on the first morning of his new life with us, he wished me "Good Morning!" and proceeded to tell me what a "pretty boy" he was!

As I left he was earnestly telling Polly that he was pretty ----she  sat with her head on one side and looked at him  in a decidedly puzzled fashion! can Cockatiel teach each other to talk? I hope not! Goodness knows what the cats might pick up from them!

I notice yesterday that General Sod has abandoned his seven friends and gone back to singing!

All is as it should be in the Aviary, busy, colourful and full of interesting sounds! The quail look so contented sand bathing and scratching in the bottom of the cage, just like very small chickens-------I'd forgotten how much I like chickens---so soothing as they contentedly scratch and peck---and that lovely funny little noise they make when their happy--- and there's that bit at the end of the garden ----could be perfect for a couple of  spoilt hens if we fence it off---- and the fresh eggs!!!!! ----I went to search for Husband who, reading my mind as usual was hiding in his shed!

Be careful of the messages that you put out to the universe, it just might answer back!!!

Saturday morning! after a very busy week I got up late, showered and wandered downstairs collecting the local week-end paper from the hall as I passed. Looking at the front page,

I see a picture of four gorgeous abandoned kittens, poor little things were found huddled together in the wind and rain, starving and cold! luckily they were found, and were recovering with the local CPL. Two of them are the image of our lost Broc, (see above)  I was so tempted! so easy to pick up the phone and offer the two of them a home, I am well know to the CPL, and they know that our cats are all petted lumps! But reason prevailed! pretty kittens are always easy to re-home, and we had long ago decided that in future only the most needy, old, infirm or anti social and traumatised cats would be considered for a place here....if there was a place to let!.....

Later in the day, I told my friend about the kittens, and how near I had been to making that phone call!....we joked!...I said "Well we do have a vacancy....perhaps I should just make a little sign saying...To for one feline...old age no problem...(Kittens need not apply)....."  I should have known!!! If you put that sort of offer out to the Universe...someone will reply!

Picture this! The Monday morning after, the Great Goddess Baste (cat Goddess) looks down from her gilded throne in the Hall of the Gods! One of her subjects is about to have a long and productive incarnation terminated, her owner is being taken in to a home for the elderly, he is told at the last minute that there is not room for "Trina" his 16 year old friend and companion. there is nowhere for her to go....except to the vets... aha! but what does the Great Goddess hear?...a little voice in the distance.........Later in the morning, the phone rings...

"Hello Mrs Green...this is the Buckie Vets...I wonder if you could help us?


We now get geared up to take on another member of our family, we have no idea who she is, or what her past story is, other than she is 16, and has no teeth!  She will live in the Sanctuary which is warm and cosy and has a radio, baby alarm, and phone (she is limited to local calls!) until she is ready to integrate with the rest of the gang.

We go to collect her at 3.30 today, I worry for her poor owner, how will he feel losing her?....we shall perhaps take photo's of her and send them to him when she settles down. its never ideal, but it has to be better than the alternative for them both!...Watch this page for news of Trina's progress.........

 The ending to this story is both unusual and happy! when we went to collect Trina, we were greeted by her owners neighbour, who was distracted and worried by the thought that Trina was going to be "taken away by strangers to a cat home"

He had apparently been looking after her for some months now, as her owner was too ill to cope. He had (with her owners blessing) made the decision to keep Trina himself, but unfortunately none of the people who were overseeing her owners move to a home realized this!

We very quickly realized that this was simply a communication error and were delighted for all concerned! a much better conclusion to this affair.

To move a 16 year old cat to a new location and new people is never ideal, and in this situation she would be in her own territory (of 16 years!) and would be happy still. We offered any help that might be needed in the future, and left Trina to her new Dad! .......So! it seems that Trina is not to be our new tenant...but knowing the way that the Universe works...there will shortly be one!....this is not the end of the story.........

 cat stories from Scotland

 BLOSSOMINA  March 2003

March 12th was a sad, sad day in our household. Blossomina has been suffering for some weeks with a nervous complaint that kept her prisoner in the house, she seemed terrified to go out, and for the last week had lived in a basket on a table in the living room.

The Vet diagnosed blindness! poor little soul was terrified to venture out because she had suddenly lost her sight! Our Vet was of the opinion that she had a blood clot or tumour on the brain, and to add to her problems, her kidneys and liver seemed to be failing! never a strong cat or kitten,

Bloss had suffered many problems in her short life (7 & a half years) as many of the poor little badly used creatures that eventually make their way to our home do. We kept her with us for another two weeks, but on March the 12th, she lost the battle, and so now is with Broc, by the wall at the bottom of the garden! She was a noisy and difficult character....very Siamese!...but was also loving and full of fun....we miss both the noise and the fun!

Now we are down to five! and I wonder if there will be any more to add to our little group?

Within the same week of losing Blossomina, we learned that my Aunt had also passed away! She had lived her entire life in Staffordshire, apart from a short while in France in her youth, and had latterly been resident in a retirement home due to ongoing health problems.

We learned that she had left her two cats being fostered with a neighbour before entering the home, and that they were still there, we took the decision that we would like to give them a permanent home, rather than continue to allow them to be fostered, and silly anyway to pay someone to look after cats that we had inherited, when our whole life is geared to cats and what they need to be happy!

So sometime in the next two weeks my son will travel down to Staffordshire to bring them home to Scotland and us! We know not if they are male or female, old or young! but whatever they are...they are welcome to share our home...our love...and the company of us all! Keep checking this page to see how we progress........


June 2003.....

Again what could have been a difficult situation is easily solved! the family who had looked after my Aunts two, very aged cats, decided that they would like to keep them in their old age! and we have offered to share the expense of any vets bills (which there is bound to be ) as they get older! better that than to bring them over 400 miles to a strange place at the advanced age that they are.


October 2003.....

All having been quiet on the home front for the summer (and what a glorious summer it was!!!) we are once again expecting an addition to the family!

A good friends' (and member of the Moonlodge ) dog who is less than a year old herself! managed to get herself in the family way (with the help of my friends sisters dog...keeping it in the family so to speak...) and produced 8 no less! gorgeous puppies! and of course there was a runt....the littlest puppy who was born last and is usually smaller than the rest...and she is the most gorgeous....sweetest....cleverest......yes you've guessed it! she will eventually be coming home with us, as sister and friend to Finn.

Now only two weeks old...eyes not yet open..she is still like a warm snuffly black and white sausage!

We have called her 'Cassiopeia' Cassie for the 'runt' of the litter we thought she should have a 'grand' name so as not to have an inferiority complex!!!!

Watch this space for more news of Cassie in the coming weeks when she eventually arrives home with us!.....

Cat stories from Scotland

....and 7 weeks later, here she is!   an irrepressible fluffy bundle of mischief! but a lovely little nature....Finn who was terrified of her for the first few weeks has now finally adopted her, and has to some extent once again become a 'puppy' himself. This week-end we can finally take her out for her first 'walk' now that she has finished her course of inoculations. That should be fun!!!????

Our little family (and tiny house) is once again full to the gunnels! and there are bound to be disasters along the way given Cassies' natural tendency to 'chew' everything chewable....including Finn!

But she will keep us all on our toes....and we love

her to bits this space for more developments.......

June 2004.

Cassie is now 'grown up!' (though still technically a puppy)

She is the prettiest dog imaginable! with long wavy coat and a most impressive flag of a tail (that is very good at knocking things off low tables!)

She is a lively clever dog, oh so willing to please! and very quick to learn....also very easily upset...even a raised voice in the next garden sends her scuttling into the house with her tail firmly between her legs!

We haven't found it difficult to teach her the 'rules' she is so anxious to please that once she gets the idea...she does all that she can to 'do it well'

Before beginning to train her in the essentials as a very young pup, I read 'The Dog Whisperer' and realized how important it was to 'think dog' and build up her confidence in me. it was certainly worth the effort!...I am presently reading another amazing book called 'How to Speak Dog' which is a revelation!!!

Collies are difficult dogs as pets, as they need to 'work' and have something to focus on...Cassie has taken over the 6 hens that we recently acquired  and altho not too near to them...not near enough to put them off lay....she spends a deal of her day closely monitoring their progress and runs from one end of the run to the other to 'keep an eye on them' this keeps her very busy, gives her lots of exercise and a purpose!.... not an egg is laid that she doesn't know about!!!

So we progress...Finn is delighted but sometimes exasperated by her exuberance! but she is a lovely little dog with a sunny nature! and even the cats are beginning to like her.

Cassie all grown up and Beautiful!!!



Crystal & family welcome you to the world of 'Felidae'

Well, much time has passed since I last wrote about our menagerie! Finn gets older (11 this coming year) and Cassie has grown into a beautiful, if somewhat energetic little dog! We forgive her for her occasional bursts of madness (typical Collie) and she is a wonderful guard dog, telling us when there is someone anywhere near the house that she doesn't know.

Sadly Finny passed on in autumn 2008 at the grand age of 13 years.

Our aviary gradually emptied over the past two years (the two female cockatiels were well over 20!) and stood empty for a while, and Ollie the young male cockatiel came to live in a large cage on the veranda,.... to begin with as a temporary measure until there was company for him in the aviary once again. However, it seems that he prefers living on the veranda where he can shout abuse at the dogs as they go past! He did live in a cage before he came to us, and perhaps it feels more like home to him? Since living in the cage we have discovered that he has quite a large vocabulary...and says far more than he did in the aviary. He also gets a better view of the seagulls as he is higher up, and can scream at them on his own terms!

So we decided to give the place a good spring-clean and look for new lodgers for the aviary...something slightly different....we have ended up with two young Indian Ring-neck Parakeets, one pale blue and the other pale green (mr green and mrs blue) although we wont know what sex they are until their 'neck rings' develop at about two years.

As they have been hand reared they are very tame, and within a week were coming to our hands to be fed. They seem to have a never ending apatite for fruit of all kinds, and go crazy for peanuts! They seem to be natures acrobats and keep us amused with their antics

And so to the bottom of the aviary...we still had one of the old quail, who knowbody thought to tell that quail only live for about three/four years! he is still very lively and delighted with the new goings on!

We opted for guinea pigs as we now have baby grand children and thought that this may be a good idea for when they are a little older. So far we have two guinea pig boys who are identical! both dark shiny brown. We could easily house another three or four when we find more, but think we will keep to all males rather than risk a population explosion!

As the front of the aviary is a large window onto the garden, Cassie spends many hours happily employed in watching the guinea pigs and their antics. almost as good for her as a flock of sheep (in fact we told her that's what they were as she doesn't remember actually ever seeing sheep, and being a trusting soul she believes us!)

So for the moment everyone is happy!



After Finny's passing  we decided that Cassy needed company...and so now we have Poppy Megaleggs! and more recently two little black-and-white kittens, now fully grown cats and very beautiful!

Jake and Jasper catsJasper Toadflax and Jake Moonflower (a.k.a. Domino) they came to us at the very early age of 5 1/2 weeks, and so needed very special treatment and food, they were tiny!  this was at the time that Blu was quite elderly but still very active and fit, and he decided to adopt them....and he looked after them very much as their natural mother would have done. They could have been poor little week kittens, but now they are beautiful healthy shiny cats (who are still with us although their uncle Blu is sadly gone after a long and happy life....they are beautiful lovely natured cats and now sadly are showing signs of age themselves....

The story goes on!.....

MORE LATER! and hopefully I can update this page up to the present day soon....

it is possible that after the worst of this coronavirus that we are presently experiencing, there may be many cats looking for their last forever home.... one may even arrive on the doorstep here....

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