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Blue Lace Agate

The crystal you have chosen is blue lace agate.

When you draw this crystal to you it is because you need to be nurtured and you need to feel that you are doing all that you can to improve how you feel emotionally as well as physically.

This crystal has put you on notice that you need to pay attention health-wise to what you do in the day, and you need to create space for yourself even for a few minutes, for some nurturing, healing and perhaps a short quiet meditation to calm your emotions and re-balance your energies.

Today take time to see that all is well with you!  Perhaps you are particularly busy at the moment and this is why you have drawn this crystal to you?  You should never be too busy to make a little time for yourself, simply to slow things down in your life and in your mind so that you can feel that ' all is well'....

Carrying a small piece of blue lace agate would be a real benefit to you today!