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Psychic Readings via Portal and Absent Healing via Portal with Healing Chat.

So here we are already halfway through 2020! It’s a strange time and dosesn’t look as if it’s going to get better soon.  At Silvermoon we are about to make changes to the way we work and are updating this site.  It is now 3 years since I did one-to-one psychic readings, but I am still asked for them.  Sometimes it takes a little more than an email reading… And I have been thinking about this… The answer may well be Facebook Portal. So in the coming months we are offering ‘Portal readings’ which means that you would need your own Portal, or simply a laptop, tablet, or phone with your Facebook account added to it… And  most people that use Facebook do add it to other devices.

We are also considering using’ Zoom’...That plan is ongoing and I will tell you about it here as soon as I come up with something.(A new Blog Page for these ideas is under construction as we speak!)

Here meantime is a page setup now which is dedicated to these plans, and Ihope to start a trial during June for Portal readings…There will be Psychic readings via Portal, and Absent healing via Portal with Healing chat…. This is something that many clients have suggested to me recently.

Please keep in touch over the coming month as we add new options to this site! 



if you wish to book either a video psychic consultation, or a healing session with chat...


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 Text will be charged at your normal rate and not extra. (Please remember to give your first name)

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