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Aries March 21st to April 20th  

Positive traits.---Highly Motivated - Positive - Strong - Competitive –Fortunate - Pioneering Leader.

 Negative traits.---Selfish - Arrogant - Blunt - Detached - Dominant.

 Relationships.---Tend to fall in love at first sight and sometimes live to regret their haste! Can be very demanding partners, romantic but also independent. For Aries, love is often a battle ground, requiring both partners to be quick, lively and equally strong willed. Aries mellows with age, but never loses their independence or drive.

 Career.---Good business people, do well in large organisations, and may well rise to the top through their own efforts. Also found running their own businesses very successfully. Good people to work for if you are good at taking orders quickly !

 Leisure.---Should include some energetic sports in their leisure time. They may become "Pear-Shaped" with age, and so will need to pay great attention to diet.

 Colour - Red.   Animal Totem- Buffalo .  Food - Tomatoes.  Flower - Thistle.   Gemstone - Diamond.  Image - Stylish.

 Food –-Spicy Oriental food suites Aries well, adding the extra stimulation of fire to this sign. Quality and not Quantity should be the rule especially in later life.

Taurus   April 21st to May 21st

Positive Traits---Romantic - Artistic - Organised - Gentle - Sensuous -Appreciative.

 Negative traits ---Stubborn - Jealous - Self-righteous - Dogmatic.

 Relationships.---Home and relationship are often the most important issues in the Taurean life. They make considerate and loving partners, but do not take criticism well, and can be jealous in there younger years. Wealth and comfort are important to them, and they are unlikely to ever put what they hold dear in jeopardy. They make wonderful parents, and accept the children of others as there own.

 Career. ---Ambitious and hard working, very attracted to careers in banking and where they are dealing with money. Some love to work in the open air and find that they need a connection with nature and the earth. Routine is also very important in the Taurus life.

 Leisure---Some love outdoor activities such as Golf, Hill-Walking, they often have an interest in gardening and horticulture, In some their main interest lies in cooking and good food and wine, they should watch the waist-line in later life.

 Colour-Pink. Animal Totem- Bull . Food-Fruit & Berries, Flower-Violet, Gemstone-emerald,  Image-conventional.

 Food---Plain roasts, lightly cooked vegetables and lots of fruit to ground this Earth sign.

Gemini    May 22 to June 21st          

Positive traits---Quick - Entertaining - Charming - Youthful - Devoted -  Multi-talented.

 Negative traits,---Capricious - Unpredictable - Inquisitive - Flirts,

 Relationships---Gemini needs a partner who is their equal in every way, they need to feel that they are with their "Soul-Mate". Shared interests are  important but Gemini also needs a lot of personal freedom. but without responsibility if possible! Gemini often have more than one partner in their lifelong quest for a Soul Mate. They make interesting parents as the are always children themselves at heart.

 Career---They are natural salespeople, and are exceptionally good in business. As a rule they prefer to work with a group of other people as they are often lacking the stamina to deal with the mundane work, being primarily ideas people. Often become wealthy in later life through their own efforts.

 Leisure---There is no such thing as leisure to a Gemini! they make work into play, and play work! They should make time for organised activities such as squash, tennis or power swimming.

 Colour - yellow. Animal Totem - monkey. Food - Chinese.Flower - Rose.  Gemstone - Sapphire.  Image - Gentle.

 Food--- Light "finger food," avoid large heavy meals, fresh fish, Salad, Fruit, including some exotic fruits. Needs lots of fruit juice freshly pressed to stabilise this air sign.

Cancer June 22nd to July 22nd     

 Positive traits--- Patient - Imaginative - Magnetic - Tenacious - Subtle.

Negative traits---Moody - Possessive - Over emotional - Crabby.

 Relationships.---Naturally loving parents and partners, easily hurt in a relationship but totally committed to both home and family. Cancer should always have interests outside the home, otherwise when the time for the children comes to fly the nest, they will be bereft until they acquire grandchildren and can begin again! Moods are firmly tied to the pull of the Moon. When single, Cancer can become a single-minded career person.

 Career--- Nurses, The caring professions and sometimes bookkeepers and accountants. They are single-minded in whatever work that they do, and are caring of their workmates. They rarely become rich, but achieve great personal happiness.

 Leisure---Swimming is the perfect sport for Cancer, as they have such an affinity with the element of water, and are often superb swimmers. They are also attracted to dancing and are good at organised dances such as  Line-Dancing.

 Colour - Silver.  Animal Totem - Crab.  Food - Fish.

Flower - Lily.  Gemstone - Pearl.  Image - Carefree

Food---Watery fruits such as Melon and Squash are cleansing for Cancer people, Fish is their natural food rather than meat, and carrots to balance their water with earth.

Leo July 23rd to August 22nd       

Positive traits---Creative - Magnanimous - Inspiring - Strong - Warm -Authoritative - Dramatic.

 Negative traits---Fiery - Demanding - Brash - Gullible - Vain.

 Relationships---Very sensitive and easily hurt in relationships, needs to feel safe before committing themselves. Sensual people who enjoy comfortable surroundings and a stable home life, Leo parents expect a lot of their children and should take care not to push them further than their capabilities will allow. Tend to be bossy in relationships, but not so much in friendships. A strong affinity with money drives Leo on in their  chosen career, they are often found in the arts and theatre, and are also good in business, many females of this sign chose the beauty trade.

 Leisure---Strong regular exercise will benefit Leo, Rock Climbing, Skiing, and similar will  burn off excess energy. Travel is well indicated especially if combined with good and unusual food and wines. Always open to new experiences, Leo's make wonderful explorers and researchers.

 Colour - Orange. Animal Totem - Lion.  Food - Wild Game and Fungi.  Flower - Marigold.  Gemstone - Ruby.  Image - Spectacular.

 Food---Rich and unusual food, taken in small quantities, often has a taste for watery fruits to quench the Leo fire.

Virgo August 23rd to September 22nd.      

Positive traits---Altruistic - Perfectionist - Honest - Curious - Healer -Modest - Efficient.

Negative traits---Self-righteous - Repressed - Worrier - Critical.

 Relationships---They can appear cold and off hand in their personal life, and although to some extent they are detached, they are actually very sensitive and caring. They often wait until later in life before committing to a relationship, but when they do it is usually for life, they need a partner who is also detached to some degree, and who will allow them  their own space They make wonderful, if offbeat parents!

 Career---They make excellent doctors and teachers, also first rate personal assistants. They work well under stress provided they are not hurried. Virgo can be super critical, and truthful  to an uncomfortable degree, they need employers that understand and trust them.

 Leisure---The outdoor life is essential to the average Virgo at some time of their life, gentle exercise regimes for example Yoga, Chi Gung, Tai Chi, will suit them better than more energetic sports. Just walking in the countryside will bring them peace and spiritual refreshment.

 Colour - Silver/Grey.  Animal Totem - Cat.  Food - Salad - Flower - Buttercup.  Gemstone - Sardonyx.  Image - Neat

 Food---Small meals taken often suit Virgo best, Salads, Cold food rather than hot, and a good variety of sweet and spicy tastes. Some Virgo's need to have a day of fasting every so often to Earth them in times of stress.

Libra    Sept. 23rd to Oct. 23rd     

 Positive traits---Diplomatic - Romantic - Artistic - Sensitive - Polite - Cooperative - Idealistic.

Negative traits--- Self-doubting - Aggressive - Detached - Melancholic.

 Relationships---Librans should never marry young, as they will invariably regret it at some time. They are romantics and require to be wined and dinned and swept off their feet! The are not very good judges of character in relationships and so should make haste slowly. When they do meet the right person, they make excellent partners and parents.

 Career---Librans like to have and spend money, and mostly go for careers that provide just that, they are inclined to be materialistic, but are not too good at holding on to the money that they accrue. Generous in nature, they are popular work companions who are reliable and hard working. They are popular with friends, of which they often have a great many. They are never short of invites

Leisure---As a rule they do not like physical exertion, but will have periods in their lives when they frantically try to keep fit, only to drop the idea again when whatever crisis is past. Gentle steady exercise is the best for the Libra frame.

 Colour - Green.  Animal Totem - Dragon.  Food - Beans - Flower - Orchid.  Gemstone - Sapphire.  Image - Gentle

 Food---Breads, pulses, rice, pasta, with spicy toppings will suit Libra, as will very hot chilli and curry to add fire to the air in their sign.

Scorpio    Oct. 25th to Nov. 21st

Positive traits---Practical - Mystical - Self-confident - Loyal - Leader - Adventurous - Complex.

Negative traits---Repressed - Lonely - Arrogant - Possessive.

 Relationships---Loners to some extent, although they need a partner who will be the focus of their life, very loyal in relationships, but can also be very possessive. they need a partner who is happy to be led and to leave major decisions to them. They make very good but rather repressive parents, who have difficulty in letting go.

Career---Scorpio are very ambitious, and very good at making money, they can often be found at the top of large company's Although good at making and keeping money they are also very generous, and give readily  to good causes.

 Leisure---Swimming is especially beneficial to Scorpio, and many of them are drawn to the discipline of Martial Arts. not only for the element of exercise but also for the philosophy.

 Colour - Maroon.  Animal Totem - Scorpion.  Food - Lobster - Flower - Rhododendron.  Gemstone - Opal  Image - Sexy.

Food---Scorpios have large appetites, for food as well as life, they can eat almost anything and usually do! They should watch the waistline with age.

Sagittarius   Nov 24th to Dec. 20th    

Positive traits---High-Spirited - Trustworthy - Lucky - Charming - Versatile - Intuitive.

Negative traits---Tactless - Restless - Pompous - Exhibitionistic.

 Relationships---Sagittarius needs a certain amount of freedom in a relationship, they would find a possessive situation very uncomfortable and may ultimately pull away from it if they felt that it no longer supported them. although loyal and loving, they need a partner who will be happy to do there own thing and allow Sagittarius to do theirs. They make wonderful parents, as they are always enthusiastic about their offspring's achievements.

 Career---Sagittarius is often drawn to the law in one form or another, they often travel and tend to learn both the language and customs of the countries that they visit very easily. They are also good at public speaking unless they have been repressed in childhood.

 Leisure---Nothing pleases this sign more than a holiday sampling good food and wine and “all” the trimmings! And, if its in the sunshine and has a sandy beach, so much the better. Most people born under this sign think that “exercise” is a stroll in the moonlight after a good dinner. hence they tend to put on weight with the years.

Colour - Purple.  Animal Totem - Horse.  Food - Wild Harvest - Flower - Carnation.  Gemstone - Topaz.  Image - Casual.

 Food---Well presented traditional food suits this sign, many of who are gourmands. Their tastes cover all manner of food that is wholesome . They should eat less and exercise  more!

Capricorn Dec. 22nd to Jan 20th        

Positive traits---Practical - Prudent - Loyal - Successful - Ambitious Purposeful - Passionate.

Negative traits---Rigid - Materialistic - Moody - Sarcastic.

 Relationships---Capricorns are often thought to be cold and calculating, but in fact they are often simply suffering a lack of confidence. They are loyal and steadfast in relationships, but sometimes find it difficult to say how they feel. They are usually good parents if they have children, but often they chose not to. Many Capricorns elect to live alone and for their work.

Career---The most ambitious of all the signs, they almost all, at   sometime in their lives seem to live only for their work. Some will create huge businesses out of nothing, and when it is done will go on and do the same again. If this instinct to succeed is frustrated when young they sometimes will turn to philanthropic lifestyles and do well working for a charity or similar.

 Leisure---Hill-Walking, Gardening, Golf these are the sort of activities enjoyed by this sign, they love music and books, young Capricorns tend to live in books until they get the urge to succeed.

Colour - Dark Green.  Animal Totem - Goat - Flower - Pansies.  Gemstone - Amethyst.  Image - Formal.

 Food---Conventional food is what this sign loves, Roasts with all the trimmings, what they should eat is a lighter diet with lots if juicy fruit to water down their earthiness.

Aquarius---Jan 21st to Feb 19th   

Positive traits----Truthful - Talented - Original - Inventive - Freedom loving - Dutiful.

Negative traits----Quixotic - Aloof - Opinionated - Proud.

 Relationships----Have great difficulty in sustaining relationships when young, due to their unconventional ideas of how a relationship should work! in later life, and when they settle down, they become loyal and committed to their partners.  They find parenting difficult if their children are not either Aquarian or Gemini, as they do not understand a child who is more conventional than they are!

 Career.---Aquarians are drawn to humanitarian professions such as working for the Third World, running charity concern's and all type of Social Work. They are natural communicators and good with young adults and teenagers, they sometimes find dealing with young children difficult. They are often to be found running drama workshops, and at this they excel!

 Leisure.---Dancing is most beneficial for these people, especially free form, they must however take great care of their ankles, which is a week spot in this sign. Like all Air sign's they benefit from some exercise out- doors. They may find themselves as the unofficial leader of any group activity that they join.

 Colour - Vivid Blue.  Animal Totem - Goose.  Food - Sushi. Flower - Orchid.  Gemstone - Aquamarine.  Image - Unique.

 Food---Light, but delicious food suits them best. they mostly have a taste for oriental fare, they should be sure to have lots of orange coloured vegetables and fruit to ground them.

Pisces Feb 20th to March 20th         

 Positive traits---Mysterious - Romantic - Adaptive - Imaginative - Psychic - Nurturing - Receptive.

Negative traits---Gullible - Depressive - Introverted - Unworldly.

 Relationships---The most romantic and sensitive of the sign's they love to be in a stable relationship, and will see their partner thro' rose coloured spectacles, they are loyal in relationships up to a point, but are easily carried away by false perceptions of other people, and are capable of ending a relationship without a backward glance if they think that they have at last met their Soul Mate. They make wonderful, if easy-going parents.

Career----Very prominent in the healing and counselling professions, these people are natural healers, and are often found in alternative and complimentary practices, they are very good listeners, and have a gentle air about them. They are often drawn to work in the arts, as they have a great love of beauty.

Leisure----Not especially active people they usually dislike violent exercise, or indeed violent anything! T'ai chi or Yoga or Chi gung is more their style. although they often enjoy swimming in open places like rivers and lakes.

 Colour - Sea green.  Animal Totem - Fish.  Food - Curry - Flower - Viburnum.  Gemstone - Moonstone.  Image - Unusual.

 Food---Hot spicy food is the especial favourite of this sign, the hotter the better! they are prone to put on weight with age, and tend to eat too much anyway. Little and often should be the rule, and lots of salad to earth this the most watery of the water sign's.