Bio-energyBio Energy Therapy
Crystal Green.

Everyone can benefit from Bio-Energy Therapy!

It is a non-specific method of healing using little or no physical contact. Therefore it is harmless!

My method of using bio energy healing incorporates the flowing movements of Qi Gung which in many ways has similarities to the movement involved in clearing negative energy from the Aura. albeit the Q Gung is usually practiced by the person themselves.

Simple Qi Gung exercises can be taught to the recipient after bio energy healing sessions to supplement and enhance the healing sessions.


It has long been known that illness is usually manifest in the aura system, and it is in the aura that we first may perceive that there is a problem, and what that problem may be.

Healers and Therapists who can actually 'see' the aura in others make natural  BioPsychic Therapy with Crystal Green Energy Healers, as they can clearly see where energy masses are located and intuitively know how to move them and ground the negative energy, introducing positive energy to that area.

The results can be amazing and very quick! and although Bio-Energy Healing can be taught to anybody more or less, therapists having this facility to actually 'see' the aura will always have a head start.


As in many other therapies Bio-Energy Therapy can be very differently received  from any two therapists...because much of the work is done 'intuitively' most healers have their own way of going about it but generally speaking, the therapist moves within the auric field and simply brushes away or rearranges the energy he or she finds there. again as with most therapists some people are extremely and naturally good at this, and as someone who has worked in the field of personal energy for many many years, I am confident of making a considerable difference for most people and for most problems.


Although at the moment there is very little to be read about this method, this very simple basic and beautiful flowing method of clearing energy blocks, and very little formal training is available, it is possible to be told if you are of the right disposition to use it as a therapy for others. You would need to have a background that supports it such as at least level II in Reiki or kundalini Reiki, and a good working knowledge of either Qi Gung or Tai chi movements. It is essential that the movements used during this healing modality are gentle, move within the air instead of against it, and allow you to gracefully move inside the Auric system of another person.

 Bio Energy Healing

At the moment training is not offered by Silvermoon because we are still developing and experimenting with this method of healing, and so do not feel that at this time it is fair to involve training for others, until I have developed a method that is simple, straightforward and very learnable.


I recommend if you wish to try this method of healing with me, one initial session, and then four weekly sessions completed by one more session four weeks afterwards would be very suitable.

Having been a Reiki therapist and Crystal therapist for many years Bio-Energy Healing comes as no surprise to me that this is a very successful healing method., because I have been aware of it for a long time.

So how is it done?

Unlike most therapies there is no need for the 'patient' to be lying down, in fact the easiest way I find is for them to be standing in front of me and then I will work around the client working from front to back and back to front once again. Sitting in a chair which is quite a good way of working, or a combination of both. It has been my habit for some time to give a quick bio healing session after most Reiki sessions if the client is open to it as it seems to finish things off very comfortably. I do not generally in fact 'touch' the client at all during a Bio-Energy Healing session, but they may be well aware of the movements of air and changes of temperature around them whilst I am working. They may also need to sit and re-balance for a short while after the healing session.


Chi GungPeople have often described me as seeming to be doing tai chi around the client whilst I am working on them, and this is not without basis, because I believe that Bio-Energy Healing requires sure but graceful movements to be successful. This healing system works very well together with Reiki and alleviates many of the symptoms and illnesses that Reiki responds well to.


Crystal Green xxx