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The crystal you have chosen today is Aragonite.

  This crystal says "be sure to support yourself emotionally at this time" and do not take personally any remarks that are made to you in an offhand or perhaps unkind manner throughout the day!

Sometimes we can be oversensitive, and something that may be said to us in a throwaway fashion may hurt us deeply. 

Sometimes a  remark may have been made in an unfeeling or even in an offhand way because the person who made it was busy with something else, or under stress themselves.

At times like this  think to yourself, that the problem is not yours, but lies with the person who made the remark! 


You are not responsible for them, nor can you create or alter their reality! Accept the remark as it essentially is, a product of someone else's 'difficult day'.

Try not to allow the difficulties of others to impact on your life in a negative way, be calm, be grounded, and


Allow the earth energies to wash over you and keep you from harm!