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The crystal you have chosen today is Apatite.


  When this crystal makes itself felt in your life it is telling you to pay attention to everything that you do, particularly where anything that may be unbalanced is concerned.


Do you take time to eat properly and thoroughly enjoy your food?  Or do you rush through it because you have lots of other things to do and don't really feel that you have time for the ' food  ceremony'?

Think of food as 'energy' being taken into your body, and always be sure not only that it is good quality food and what you really need for yourself, but that you have time to sit and focus on the food and that you are eating so that every mouthful gives you all that it can in the way of energy and support for the day.


'Eating on the run' means that you are not getting the hundred percent good nourishment of the food that you take in, and can lead the way to both eating disorders and weight problems. 


This crystal is bringing your focus to the food that you eat and asking you to be more aware of it!