Traditional meaning:- A message or insight, communication. Signals, inspiration, enthusiasm.


Meaning for today:- Back



This is another rune of new beginnings, drawing this rune may put you on notice to expect new things during the day, that are positive and perhaps un-looked for actions that bring new and positive energy into your life.



Be very aware of what is going on around you today, pay particular attention to what people say and listen on a very deep and meaningful level. Be sure that you don't miss anything because there could be something new and exciting available, but you may have to really listen before you can identified with it.




Remember that even on a small and seemingly insignificance level, for today this rune may mean a new beginning and a new experience and perhaps also something very important that can be learnt!



On one level you may hear of a new beginning to someone else, and marriage or a coming together, or birth.



On another level it may be a spiritual experience that you will experience very personally, a new part of you un-folding, a new cycle of your life!


The colour associated with this Rune is light green!



The number associated with this Rune is 10.