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  Dear Maeve. I am having real problems with strange noises and doors opening and shutting in my home. It is getting so that I don't really want to be there at night and it is making my life miserable. Apparently the last person called Harry who owned the house before I did died in difficult circumstances in the house, that was about three years ago. Is there anything I can do? Rachel.
 Dear Rachel. I am sorry to hear this, as it very much sounds to me that the previous tenant Harry is still present in your home, and is probably trying to get your attention. I feel that he did not wish to pass over and it still tied to the house. The best thing to do it to ask a Spiritual Healer or Psychic in your area to do a 'cleansing' for you and to help him move into the light. it may also be possible to do a partial cleansing yourself Rachel, simply by opening all the doors and burning nightlights in all the rooms for about 30 mins, and asking for Harry to leave and go into the light.  Sometimes this simple ceremony works, but in most cases help is needed from a spiritual worker. Maeve x

 Dear Maeve. my life has been really difficult for the past 10 years, everything seems to go wrong for me and I never seem to get what I want in life.  Can you tell me if things are going to get better?Trinity.
Dear Trinity, I suspect that things have been so bad to you for so long that you have got into a very negative place in your life and in your mind my dear.  The first thing is try to change your life in the ways that you can change it without worrying about the things that you can't change. Try to bring in new and different interests into your life and make sure that you are not becoming a hermit and simply living from day to day. I would strongly suggest that you have some form of healing to get you going, and I would recommend Reiki healing from a local practitioner.  For things to change you have to start the ball rolling Trinity small but important changes yourself.  Good luck my dear!  Maeve x

Dear Maeve. my husband has left me for a woman who is half my age after 30 years of happy marriage!  my life is in turmoil, and I don't know what to do next!  He says he still loves me but does not know how to say 'no' to this other woman... I have heard from other people that this is the third time she had stolen someone else's husband, and that she usually dumps them after a few months. I still love my husband very very much and I want him back, I know he has made a terrible mistake and that he will regret it as he comes to see me as often as he can and is very sad when he leaves, it is almost as if she has cast some sort of spell on him in some way.  What do I do Maeve?  Please help me! A M.
 Dear A M. My dear I think the best thing to do at the moment is almost nothing!  And I think that you are very likely to get him back again. He has got himself caught up in something that he doesn't know how to get out of, and he has been ruled by unexpectedly strong sexual feelings towards this woman.  He feels that he has betrayed you and does not know how to go back to how things were, but I really believe that as time goes on he will be wishing this had never happened!  I do believe that he will come back to you A.M but you need to tread very carefully at the moment to make sure that you leave the door open for him.  The way forward is to not beg him to come back or have histrionics when he comes to visit you, but to be very sympathetic and loving, and make him feel as if he is welcomed home again.  let him discuss the problems with you and gradually bit by bit he will realise that the door still open and he can come home! it will take a long time for both of you to get back to where you were my dear, but it seems to me that this is possible in this case as I feel real love between you both.  I wish you all the good luck in the world!  Maeve x
starFeedback: Thank you so much Maeve! I did just as you said and he turned up at the door yesterday and asked if he could come home! I know that it is going to be difficult for a while, but we are both so happy right now. Thank you so much for your advice!
Love A M.