Traditional meaning:-  Fertility, new plans and new beginnings, harmony and sharing.

 Meaning for today:-






  Expect the new!  Today something will happen to change your perspective and make you ready to accept new and untried things in your life. Be open to these new energies and you will achieve much today!



You may be called upon to take charge of a new project, or to help train someone who is new to the work that you do. if you approach this in the right attitude of mind, you will be successful, and will bring success to others and to all that you undertake today.



Undertake this work in a thoughtful and uncompromising manner, realising that beginnings are indeed more important than endings, and although you may be working with others today, it is your own life that is going through transformation to some extent.



Grasped the nettle gladly!  Take on board all the information that you need to make a new beginning, be willing to march bravely into the future today!



The colour associated with this Rune is Bright Verdant Green!


The number associated with this Rune is 1.