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2019."Thank you Crystal, This felt like a special and amazing reading with lots of it ringing true and making total sense. Your warmth of soul came across even by email, I will be back in touch for future readings." 

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Silvermoon’s Psychic Predictions for 2019

By now you will have heard from many quarters that 2019 is going to be a challengingCrystal Green Psychic and ‘interesting’ year for most of us. So here at Silvermoon we thought it would be good to do a general projection for the four quarters of the year to give some idea of what we could expect and perhaps to use as a very loosely constructed guide… So here we go… Please bear in mind that this is a rough guide and in no way should you take it as ‘set in stone’.

Tarot. hanging manSpring. The card that came to my hand for Spring this year is The Hanging Man. This card indicates a time of waiting and a time of indecision, also within this card is the feeling of ‘sacrifice’ or having to give something up to gain something else… So what we are seeing here is delay… Indecision… Confusion and possibly even conflict. This could manifest in feeling obliged to look for new employment or radically alter the way you are doing things at the present time. There will be generally a feeling of dissatisfaction in many areas of life… The best way forward here? Take each day as it comes, focus on the things close to your heart and make sure you have the love and support of those close to you… We will get through this difficult time!

Tarot three swordsSummer. The card for summer is the Three Of Swords. All swords in the sacred tarot are difficult, some more so than others and the three of swords is not the happiest card in the world! This card focuses on Interference… Lack of balance… Inability to progress… Enforced change. So during the summer months of 2019 we need to hang on to what we actually have. Trying to push outwards may not bring advantage in the long-term, and what actual advantage we do get may simply cause more confusion and turmoil. This should be a time of consolidation more than anything else, we often have more assets than we really think about, for example: sometimes we feel the need to buy something new and then later find that we have something that would be equably suitable already up in the loft that we had totally forgotten about… Apply this lesson to many parts of you life and you will see what I’m saying here, think very carefully about what you spend money on this of year and ask yourself do I really need it? Explore all options before splashing out! As the summer progresses there may be ways forward but we need to go really cautiously at this time and consider all our options!

Tarot ten of swordsAutumn. The card for autumn is the Ten Of Swords. (This just gets better and better!) And this card tells us: Things can’t get any worse! We have literally scraped the bottom of the barrel… The card represents the inability to move forward and more interestingly, the end of a bad time! So yes in some ways this card is actually more positive than it appears on the face of it, this card is saying to us “This is as hard as it will get… The tide will soon turn, and so we must be ready for it”. After this card comes new ideas and new opportunities… so as the autumn creeps on, there will be a lightening of the oppression that has covered this in the earlier part of this year and perhaps… Just perhaps we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Winter. And here we have The Ace of cups! The tide has turned and for many Tarot..ace of cupsof us we are once again on safe ground. Many of the worse situations of the past months have either been resolved or have initiated changes that have taken us to a different place in our lives. If we have been cautious and not tried to fight uncertain situations, and simply consolidated and planned for the future then we will be raring to go! The Ace of cups represents: overall balance and happiness throughout the different areas of your life. It also represents Abundance, satisfaction and overall success!  There is a feeling of new beginnings and re-creation and above all love!

Conclusion. No Tmatter how we look at this it is going to be a very difficult year for most and yet it seems as if when we get towards the end of the year we will have turned the corner… But I could not leave this prediction for 2019 here without taking one special card to represent the year that we have just entered.

That card is The Magician! Which tells us that no matter how difficult things become… no matter how glum the prospects for the future is seem, we can create what we need in our lives… The Magician has all the tools that he needs..He is connected to the heavens and to the earth... he has the sign of infinity above his head....We have the power of the magician who can Change… Challenge …Transmute and Recreate if we keep our heads and let our hearts lead us!                        Brightest blessings to you all for 2019! Crystal Green x

Crystal's Blog

Crystal with BluSummer/Autumn Blog 2019.


Hello everyone! 

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of Blog or Tarotscope since the beginning of this year. Since a death in our family that was somewhat unexpected it has been difficult for us to focus on anything else, but from now on we should be back to what passes for normal here at Silvermoon!

...and perhaps let me pass on a timely warning for you here... It is never too early to have your affairs in order, there is nothing worse than having to search for needed documents in the case of an unexpected death, particularly a Will that is not up-to-date... It can cause more stress and heartache than anything else at a time when speed is of the essence... It is something we don't necessarily think about but it is always a good thing to have personal and important documents including your will in a place where your next of kin knows that they can find it should anything untoward happen.

I have once again decided to take a step back from the personal one-to-one readings in my home, mainly because after all the changes of the past year for us, I need a break once again

(reaching 75 brings its own aches, pains and tiredness!) but for clients who have been to me regularly over the years for personal readings if they make it clear to me who they are, then I will book them in for a psychic reading as long as they are willing to be a little bit fluid about the time they come. And please remember those of you that have my mobile number, there is no point in phoning because I very rarely have time to answer the phone, but if you text me you will get an answer, even if it is the next day. Failing this my email address is- and I and so my emails almost every day.


I am still available for My own style of  healing...a mixture of Intuitive Reiki and shamanism which has been very powerful for me in the past.

 This will be in a very informal manner as I have always felt that asking people to lie on a bed to receive what is a very spiritual means of healing did not sit easy with me, so now I give healing whilst the client is sitting in a chair in front of me and I can move around them freely. Perhaps we should all bear in mind that with the right intention all healing simply flows from the giver to the receiver, there should be no need for special clothes or special beds or anything else of that sort, once the intention is there... then the exchange will take place! I will always offer you an initial session free or if you choose to give a for a small donation... After that the price is very negotiable

  I have also been asked recently if I will consider doing past life sessions using the Mystery of the 13 keys which many of you know I created some years ago, so this is also a possibility but as a separate appointment as it will take too long to do both readings together. The price of this will also be £40 which also can include healing if necessary.

  So What else can I talk to you about? well I am deliberately avoiding BREXIT or our new Prime Minister! As I write we seem to be in almost terminal chaos...we can only hope that it will not be as bad as we all secretly think it will be! You will see above that I have highlighted the autumn section of the yearly forecast that I did for this year,... If anything I think it has turned out worse than I predicted... Perhaps I was just being overly optimistic but nevertheless you get the gist....

  So I say again to all you guys...'Expect and hope for the best', and if it’s the worst we must be prepared to deal with it. The main thing is to stay positive as far as I can see.

So that is it for now, you will see that I have called this the ‘Autumn Blog’. So obviously the next one will be the Winter Blog closely followed by Spring Blog and so one....

 Stay safe everyone!

With blessings and boundless love as always!

Crystal at Silvermoon x

 I picked a tarot card for Winter to represent what it may bring to us...and the card that came to my hand is...

The Chariot. Meaning: The chariots  represents moving forward, and although it does not stipulate whether this is moving forward in a good way or not so good way, I have found in my many years reading the sacred tarot that it usually means things getting better... In this present day and atmosphere that has got to be a slight improvement if nothing else. One thing that has been missing recently has been movement of any sort, we seem to have stagnated in a powerless place... It is hoped that this card means we will once again move to a place of power before too long!

 With blessings as always!  Crystal Green xxx


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Moon Magic.

Full Moons in Autumn

These are the 'harvesting' Moons,

The moons that

 Suggest bringing into us.

all the things that we need for the

coming winter time..

A harvest both spiritually

and physically...


For Spellwork



Are the moons for

Giving thankfulness..

 Attracting love and comfort...

Blessing those close to us...

Seeing the best in all that we have

and all that we do...

In other words

Giving thanks!

Wishing you all

Success in all you do!


Balancing thoughts .
buddahAs things become even more confusing.. And we begin to feel very powerless in what we can do to make things work for us...

We have to simply trust
that all will be well
that we will be safe
and peace and trust
will return to the world.

Trust your gods...


Trust your angels...


Trust your own heart!


Know that there is

a wiser power

 than us






With blessings as always
Crystal  xxx


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