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"Thank you so much for another incredible reading Crystal. I so appreciate the spiritual wisdom, love & warmth you radiate. Your psychic/intuition skills are spot on always" 

"Crystal,Thank you so much for the beautiful reading. I shed tears of joy reading it, you have tapped into what my heart is saying to me".  


"Thank you again Crystal, for this affirming and clarifying reading".

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Now available, Video Psychic Readings £25 by appointment with Crystal and Video Healing Sessions...or just Chat.  Healing-Meditation and Reiki by Video.


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Crystal's Summer Blog July 2020.

Psychic Readings via Portal and Healing via Portal, New Healing Pouches.

Psychic Readings with catsSo having now done some ‘Portal‘ readings and healings I am here to reports that they work wonderfully! Three of my long-term clients who live too far away for me to ever actually meet (because I don’t really travel) were so delighted that we could do this and we all found it overwhelmingly good ….I would say the very next best thing to an actual one-to-one reading … It felt as if we were both there in the same room, and as you can imagine before we started I had absolutely no idea if it would work as well as a one-to-one reading or if I would find it too difficult … Totally the opposite happened I actually did feel as if the other person was there it was amazing! This was of course on Portal from Facebook which is a marvellous device with such clarity, I am hoping to also experiment with other devices such as soon which I’m told will not be quite so clear but probably quite clear enough!... As I said before…

That plan is ongoing and I will tell you about it here as soon as I come up with something… At the moment you will see on the index page there is a video reading button and also a video healing and chat button… Both are through portal and both are fully operational right now!


And the next thing is… I am now fully out of retirement (once again) because of the number of clients who need to be in touch for reassurance and for readings and healings in these dreadfully unsettling times… (Well that’s my excuse but to be honest with you guys, I was missing it all! And simply not ready to retire at the young age of 76… Perhaps I will in the future but we’ll give it another 20 years or so and see how it goes Lol). I am also once again doing the tarotscope monthly, both here on the website (see button above) and also posted to my two Facebook pages…’ Silvermoon psychics’ and ‘Crystal Green’

This website has been somewhat updated but there is more work to do yet. I have now managed to get a pretty good camera for video’s, so my next step is to make some short videos which will be on you tube and of course on this website… So soon there will be more ways of keeping in touch which I feel is important at this time. I shall also be adding some goods to another of my websites, which will be linked to this site so very easy to find! Healing pouches (available later this month) which you can buy off-the-shelf or can be individually constructed for you… I have had great success with these where both healing and protection is concerned, but they can be constructed to whatever you need. We will shortly have these both in soft leather pouches or fabric pouches which are of course vegan.

So that’s it for this blog… I will get back to you in August, and please keep coming back to see us here at Silvermoon!  With blessings as always!  Crystal Green xxx

Please keep in touch over the coming months as we add new options to this site! 

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What we all need now is:

Reassurance Mindfulness

Psychic reading.

Healing Hope

…and a deep and resonating connection to each other…

And more than anything else…


Psychic readings and LOVE from Crystal

As you know dear friends a lot of my time is taken up with absent healing and with psychic email readings now that I no longer do one-to-one readings... for the moment at least! I have decided during these difficult times to give absent healing and empowerment whenever I send away an email reading. I know that most people are suffering at the moment at least from not knowing what's coming next... I do all I can during my focused email readings & video sessions with you to put your mind at rest and try to accurately predict for you.

I believe that sending absent healing and empowerment with every reading

is a blessing at this time. Take care my friends... be safe...

Be kind... trust in all you hold dear!

With oceans of love... Crystal x

Your Tarotscope for July 2020 is ready!...
Crystal at Silvermoon

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 Full moon in June.

in the Western hemisphere, for magical purposes full moon is on 5 June which is often called the 'Strawberry Moon'... This name originated with Algonquin tribes in North America who knew it as a signal to gather the ripening fruit of wild strawberries, so this full moon is associated with 'Gathering in of unexpected bounties!'.... and spell work done around this time, say from the 4th to the seventh should be associated with bringing things to fruition. Making things the very best that they can be, attracting true and lasting love to your life!

bringing balance... increasing wealth... encouraging 'wellness' ( and strawberries!)


For Spellwork Generally

Full moons are for

Giving thankfulness.. Attracting love and comfort...

Blessing those close to us...Seeing the best in all that we have

and all that we do... Changing things for the better and celebrating all that we have achieved...In other words

Giving thanks! Wishing you all

Success in all you do!


Psychic Readings Crystals and crystal Balls.Moving forward in trust whilst living in the moment.

As we continue through this difficult and frightening time, we must try to remember that this is nothing new… this has all happened before… And it will happen again… This is what we might call ‘adjusting the balance’ in humanity as a whole and perhaps even giving us the chance and opportunity to change the way that we live and the views and opinions that we have.

Our enemy at this time is fear! And it is very difficult not to be fearful when so many are losing their lives, but we must trust in all that we know and all that we believe in that we will survive and prosper in the future.

Live day-to-day meaningfully, honestly, and with thought in regards to other people and in everyday find something to be thankful for… and something or someone to give love to!

All is not lost… Nothing is ever really lost trust in what you know deep in your heart and look after yourself and your loved ones as well as you can.

This year our focus will be on healing as you can well imagine! healing the planet and healing ourselves. But I will be talking to you more about this as the year goes on as I intend to be far more active on this website during 2020. With oceans of love to you all!

Candles to Heal the World. 

In these times of Sickness and Pain we look for Hope, Healing

and Comfort...Bless our World and all who inhabit it.

Give us the Wisdom to learn from our mistakes.

Buddha and candles to heal the world


Silvermoon's other Websites.....  psychicwise a psychic site in which you can use PayPal to pay for most readings instead of usual credit card system also book psychic & Tarot readings from here! . (alba being the old word for Scotland!) this is Lily psychic site with loads of information on 'world of the witch' plus spell work! also Psychic & Tarot Readings from Lily.  Beautiful hand crafted goods made in the North East of Scotland! This site is being re constructed at the moment to include other small craft businesses as a local directory.

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