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Homepage       January 2018

Tarotscope from Crystal Green at Silvermoon



The five of pentacles brings a difficult atmosphere into your life this month. Not enough cash says it all! But don't panic! Take things step-by-step it you will find that there is just enough but only just...things will get better towards the end of the month.

Your lucky number for January is 5.




The chariot gallops into your life this month and causes something of a whirlwind...this is not entirely your doing but people around you seem to be in a state of flux just now. Try to keep calm and things will settle as the month goes can only get better.

Your lucky number for January is 6.




For Gemini this may well be a month of new ideas and inspiration as 'temperance' skips into your life! And to note these inspirations well because they may hold the key to the rest of the year for you. You may be inspired to start something new or learn something... go with it it will get you places! 

Your lucky number for January is 3.




The moon brings a feeling of 'flow' and stability during this month, a time to think of your comfort and what you want other than the needs and wants of others. There might be a nice surprise during the last week of the month!

Your lucky number for January is number 7.




The three of cups suggests celebration and achievement... perhaps not immediately but certainly towards the end of the month it would seem that something is going very right for you and your hard work definitely seems to be paying off.

Your lucky number for January is 1.




For Virgo the nine of rods suggests that you are very near success right now! One more little push will ensure that you're on the right path. You have achieved a great deal over the past months, your carefulness is obviously paying off this time!

Your lucky number for January is 4.




A difficult time and a matter how I look at it Libra! The eight of cups suggests that you may have to walk away from a situation and move on, no matter how much energy you have invested in it it just doesn't seem to be working for you... time to cut your losses?

 Your lucky number for January is 5.




The Empress brings a time of family connections and busyness into your life Scorpio during this month, and unexpected bonuses may bring you happiness. Someone close is paying you a great deal of attention... make the most of it while it lasts!

 Your lucky number for January is 7.



The Hierophant suggests a joining together of forces either in business work or personally, so either a work partnership or close relationship seems to be on the cards right now. finance also seems pretty fluid Enjoy!

Your lucky number for January is 2.




For Capricorn the five of swords would suggest caution! Something may be taken from you whether it is something physical or in the way of friendship or relationship, this calls for vigilance and not living in your own little world and taking things for granted. keep your eyes open!

 Your lucky number for January is 9.




The King of cups is here for Aquarius, a happy encounter, a new relationship? Relationship (existing) becoming easier and closer even? Whichever this is it seems to be a happy and emotional month for Aquarians.

Your lucky number for January is 4.




For Pisces we have the Ten of cups! a beautiful card filled with happiness and rainbows! generally this represents a happy month with things going to plan. And a really good start to what should be a productive year for Pisces. 

 Your lucky number for January is number 6.



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Tarot readings at Silvermoon
The meanings of your lucky numbers for the month.

Number one
Strength, commitment, single-mindedness, the ability to stand on your own feet and to deal with anything that comes your way that is difficult or uncomfortable.

Number two
Friendship, partnership, feeling included in peoples affections. The ability to blend with others in any project or group.

Number three.
Growth, positive movement forward, confidence. A good time to start a new project particularly if joining with others to do so, or to create or buy business.

Number four.
Balance, confidence, creativity. A good time to create a project or build a house! The ability to 'see the wood for the trees' in a very positive way.

Number five.
Not at ease with life, looking for a change but confused about change of what sort. This number may be a catalyst in your life allowing you to move on.,

Number six.
Ongoing growth and the prospect of real success! This number will help take you to a place of security in your life and allow you to see the way clearly.

Number seven.
Uncertainty, instability, the precursor to change with a capital C. This number will allow you to know that things cannot go on as they are, and you must take steps forward.

Number eight.
 Difficulty in seeing what will happen next, growth and movement forward but not always able to control that growth or see where it is leading. This number will help you to be confident at this time and to maximise opportunities.

Number nine.
The number of completion...the finish of something good, working towards the end of problems, Achievement and Success and ready to move on.

Number 10... See number 1.