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Homepage        August 2017

Tarotscope from Crystal Green at Silvermoon


The Hermit. For Aries, there is a situation that will make you want to take time out and simply ‘think things through’ this month. Many will try to give you good advice, but remember that they are not you and they don’t have the same perspective on the situation. If you can get away for a few days it will greatly help. And remember that the decisions that you make now will alter your life one way or another so be careful and be kind to yourself.

Your lucky number for August is 7.




The Sun… A beautiful symbol for this month make no mistake Taurus! It covers home and family and all connected to it, and in this you will feel contented for most of the month. Although there may be one person who need your advice and perhaps a little practical help that you will be delighted to give. Where other matters are concerned you may have to be cautious when money is, but at the same time there may be an opportunity for you to move forward a little and little bit of luck to go with it!

Your lucky number for August is number 4.




The King of pentacles. A balance is found where finance and matters financial are concerned for you this month Gemini, and perhaps after a long time of worry and concern you can now relax and know that although things may be difficult at times and you may have to plan things a little better, you will survive any upheaval and move forward. Emotionally this may be a difficult month for you because you may be much in demand at a time when you really need time and space to yourself. It okay to be a little bit selfish right now.

 Your lucky number for August is number 1.





The tower. For this month change is very much in the air for you Cancer! Something unexpected may well appear in your life that will cause for somewhat important changes to be made before you can move forward. There may be a hint of this in the past, but now the time is right and what has to be done has to be done. The way forward is to trust that this is the right way forward for you, working on instinct and with your heart would be a good way during this time knowing that whatever this change you will cope with it and it will bring a better time in its wake.

Your lucky number for August is number 3.





The Empress. After a difficult July you will find this month probably something of a relief! Things will be much calmer especially around family and home, and you will be able to see your way forward with a great deal of clarity in areas where you did not see the way forward before Leo. Financially you may need to investigate a new way of creating a little more wealth in your life, but whether you do not things will seem to even out for you this year. The end of the month may bring a small surprise that brings a smile to your face!

Your lucky number for August is 4.





The Knight of pentacles. A month of searching and researching, almost a time where you were thinking of remaking what you do and to some extent and you are. And in this I feel that you will be successful to some extent if you can keep others at bay and create some quality time alone in which to think and plan. In other regards this month may be a little better financially for you, and where work is concerned you will be busy but perhaps not too productive… Routine stuff more than anything exciting. This should be for Virgo a month of rest and recuperation more than anything else!

Your lucky number for August is 7.




The seven of swords. Again a difficult month for Libra. Much of it being the backlash from last month but this month there will be more possibilities, and the changes of last month will have slowed down. There may be reconnecting here at some point of the month with someone or something that has not been in your life for some time, this could be a welcome episode for you so enjoy, there may also be something to be learned here about your future and your way forward ultimately. Finance may be difficult but manageable.!

 Your lucky number for August is 6.




The page of rods.  A month of seeking and finding… Of integrating changes and looking for a new path forward. After a somewhat difficult year so far for Scorpio, doors appear to be opening now and certainly you will get a glimpse of your best way forward in the future. Where work is concerned there is a feeling here of looking for something new, and what you find may be very different to what you intended! But there will be a for this and sometimes we have to branch out in a different direction to get back to where we wish to be. On the home front things may be argumentative and difficult this month.

 Your lucky number for August is 9.



The Queen of swords. This may be a month of contradictions for you although balance will return towards the end of the month… Also a month of action where your relationships with others are concerned as you may have to cut loose from some influence that is making it difficult for you to see clearly what your way forward should be. This might be a good month for a holiday Sagittarius, or taking time out so that you can get things back into perspective. There may be something important that you have to do initiate, and it needs to be thought about purely from your point of view.
Your lucky number for August is 4.




The two of pentacles. This month may bring a stroke of good fortune that has been long overdue, and something that you have been expecting for some time in a half-hearted sort of way may now appear to be possible to achieve. So this could be a somewhat confusing months for Capricorn, but one in which progress can be made even if it is simply in thoughts and plans for the future. Home may be difficult this month for family connections, as this seems to be a general unease amongst everyone, but keeping your calm and being positive will definitely help the situation.

 Your lucky number for August is 6.






The hanging man. Things appear to be on hold for you at the moment, but there is a hint towards the end of the month that things are beginning to settle down and the possibility of positive change appears to be ahead of you. The hanging man is telling you to wait a little longer and things will at last open up for you. This is not the time to try and push things forward, but simply to wait and see and allow things to happen in a timely fashion. A measure of success for Aquarius seems in the air towards the middle of the month, and new ideas need to be noticed and taken on board for the future.

 Your lucky number for August is 1.





The star. A lovely positive month with many options. Meetings with people you have not seen for some time or connections by other means (phone Internet) will make you very happy… Questions as how to move forward will come up, but with help of someone very close to you emotionally you will see a way forward in a very enlightened way. This could be the beginning of a new phase in your life dear Pisces! Take it as it comes and realise that mostly all is for the best!


 Your lucky number for August is number 3.


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Tarot readings at Silvermoon
The meanings of your lucky numbers for the month.

Number one
Strength, commitment, single-mindedness, the ability to stand on your own feet and to deal with anything that comes your way that is difficult or uncomfortable.

Number two
Friendship, partnership, feeling included in peoples affections. The ability to blend with others in any project or group.

Number three.
Growth, positive movement forward, confidence. A good time to start a new project particularly if joining with others to do so, or to create or buy business.

Number four.
Balance, confidence, creativity. A good time to create a project or build a house! The ability to 'see the wood for the trees' in a very positive way.

Number five.
Not at ease with life, looking for a change but confused about change of what sort. This number may be a catalyst in your life allowing you to move on.,

Number six.
Ongoing growth and the prospect of real success! This number will help take you to a place of security in your life and allow you to see the way clearly.

Number seven.
Uncertainty, instability, the precursor to change with a capital C. This number will allow you to know that things cannot go on as they are, and you must take steps forward.

Number eight.
 Difficulty in seeing what will happen next, growth and movement forward but not always able to control that growth or see where it is leading. This number will help you to be confident at this time and to maximise opportunities.

Number nine.
The number of completion...the finish of something good, working towards the end of problems, Achievement and Success and ready to move on.

Number 10... See number 1.