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"Your readings have really helped me find peace within myself and to think about where my life is going. I am grateful that I found your website because you are the most talented psychic I have received readings from."

"Crystal, Thank you so much for your time and your guidance. Am working hard and have mostly been positive but just recently having a sudden crisis of faith and filled with fear. So thanks again for your prompt reply and your care."

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Hi! This is Crystal!....  

...and this is my website, I have been working as a spiritual clairvoyant and tarot reader for over 30 years now, and the most of that time I have been working with my own clients on a one-to-one basis. My family background is Scottish/Irish with just a touch of Spanish.

 Some years ago I decided to investigate the possibilities of the Internet, and eventually I started this site, which was my very first website.  Since then things have become more interesting in that I now have my own team of readers, all of them to some extent trained & tested by Silvermoon my business, but all of them professional psychic readers in their own right, or spirit workers inTree oracle their own right.

More recently we have added a team of professional psychic phone readers and a little after that " text a psychic" which has proved to be so very popular with our younger clients!

Unlike many psychic businesses here on the web, I myself and Silvermoon started out as a small genuine psychic business offering psychic parties ~ face-to-face readings, and psychic evenings of clairvoyance in our Highland area of Scotland.  We have always been a genuine Psychic Business!

All the psychics that work with me are genuine Professional psychics and have to be tested before they are given a chance to work with us here at Silvermoon.... in fact, all of our staff are professional psychics and so if you need to e-mail us about anything, you will not just be getting an office person, but you will be getting one of our own psychics who will

 email you back, whether it be Theo, Jenny, Lily or myself.

I am also a healer, amongst other things I am  a Crystal Healer, and a Meditation Tutor, and hold Reiki level three at master/teacher level. I have trained many people in my own area of Scotland in Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Crystal Healing, and in Psychic Development. I also  offer Meditation Groups and Classes & Freestyle Qi Gong & Workshops from time to time.

If you decide to trust usDivine Legacy Tarot from Ciro Marchetti with your reading, you will be get our undivided attention help and support, with feedback and anything else that you need from us during the time that we are working for you.

..Crystal Green Psychic Therapyst...please be assured that we take your readings very seriously, are committed to what we do, very mindful of your privacy and would never pass your information on to anyone else.  In fact your readings are kept on file for one calendar month (to make sure that you have received them, because sometimes we have problems with spam filters and people do not always tell us immediately) and after that month is up they are deleted.

Please note: as from February 2016I am no longer taking on new clients for personal one to one readings at my home. clients that have been with me some time and are regulars of course will always be welcome! If in doubt please text me on 07837 669 997.

We value your privacy and never pass on your information to a third party. We are a small independent and genuine psychic family business!

Book a reading with us today and see what we can do for you!

With many bright blessings!


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